TO:                 County of Albemarle, Board of Supervisors


FROM:           Juandiego Wade, Transportation Planner


DATE:            July 1, 2009


RE:                 Route 29 North Corridor Study Presentation,



Virginia Department of Transportation will present information on the Route 29 Corridor Study at the July 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors meeting. 


The Route 29 Corridor Study will take a comprehensive look at the transportation needs for the entire Route 29 Corridor as it travels through Virginia, from the North Carolina state line to Interstate 66 in Prince William County. The goal is to create a Route 29 corridor blueprint that includes a short-term action plan, intermediate recommendations and a vision plan that identifies long-range goals, policies and recommendations.  


Following four regional planning forums that were held in late March, and based on the direction

that the study team gained from these forums, the study team is looking to further engage local elected officials in developing a vision for the Route 29 Corridor based on a number of key consensus themes.  The study team has been developing a presentation/discussion program of approximately 45 minutes that they would like to take to each jurisdiction to gauge support, identify other key issues/concerns, and continue this important dialog on the Route 29 Corridor. 


The meetings are intended to set the stage for the development of some wide-ranging potential recommendations, including further changes in VDOT/locality coordination with respect to controlling access on Route 29, the development of a corridor master plan, detailed land use planning to support improved mobility and safety on Route 29, provision of increased rail capacity, short-term safety improvements, and more. 


The project consultant team, Joseph Springer with Parsons Transportation Group including VDOT staff will be making a presentation and leading discussion with the Board.   If you have any further questions please contact Charlie Rasnick with VDOT at 804-225-3710 or me.

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