From: Sumpter, Allan D []
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 9:30 AM
To: Bob Tucker; Larry Davis
Cc: Utterback, James S., PMP; Sprinkel, D. Brent P.E.; Estes, Michael A., P.E.
Subject: Hatton Ferry Draft Agreement
Importance: High



Following the Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting last week, Commissioner Ekern instructed his staff, with assistance from the Attorney Generalís office, to develop an agreement for use between the County and our agency for us to continue operating the Hatton Ferry for the period of July-September.  All related expenses would be paid by Albemarle County.  The attached document is fairly self explanatory but to summarize the County is asked to pay $9,300 for the operation during this period. I previously provided this estimate to Bob in an email on June 12th. This would cover all normal expected operating costs incurred by VDOT for the subject time period should the ferry operate every weekend during that time. If it operates less, like the 12 times last year as an example, any remaining funds at the end of the operation period would be returned to the County.

For clarification, it is my understanding that VDOT will only provide operation of the ferry for this period. Beyond that, for the ferry to remain in service it would be necessary for another entity to take over the facility in its entirety. This would necessitate development of another agreement to transfer ownership or establish some type of long term lease.

As you can read in the draft, it is hoped that the Board will take action on this matter at the July 1st meeting. If there is no agreement in place, the ferry will not be operating after that date.  If you have any proposed edits to the agreement, please send them back to me and I will send to the appropriate Central Office personnel for review.

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