To:            Mark Graham                                                      

From:        Bill Fritz

Division:   Zoning and Current Development

Date:         April 28, 2009

Subject:     Subdivision Fees


I have reviewed the fee structure for Boundary Line Adjustments and Easement Plats and offer the following recommendations:


Boundary Line Adjustments. 


It appears that Boundary Line Adjustments were included with the other reviews without an independent analysis.  Recently we have reanalyzed the time spent on the review of Boundary Line Adjustments independent of the other types of subdivisions.  The calculation for other types of reviews appears to be correct.  However, time spent on Boundary Line adjustments appears to be approximately 1/3 the time spent on other types of projects.  Accordingly, I would recommend that a 50% recovery would be $200 compared with the existing $95.


Easement Plats


The only easement plats reviewed by Current Development are those easements required as part of County approval.  Examples include: private streets, public drainage easements and greenways.  Easements not reviewed by the County include: Utilities such as electric, gas, water and sewer.  Subdivisions plats are typically reviewed and approved with all easements on the plat submitted for the creation of the lots.  No separate plat is submitted and no separate fee is collected.  However, when a site plan requires an easement a separate plat is submitted.  I would recommend that in cases where an easement plat is submitted showing an easement that is required for a site plan that is also under review that we collect a $200 fee.  The review required is similar to that required for a boundary line adjustment plat.  For easement plats not associated with a site plan the consultantís recommendations appear appropriate. 





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