County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements



Public hearing to receive comment on the County’s Priority List  of Secondary Road Improvements and the VDOT Six Year Secondary Construction Program



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Benish, Wade





May 13, 2009


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This public hearing is to receive public input on the County’s Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements (Attachment A) and the proposed VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Construction Program (Attachment B). The County’s Priority List establishes the priorities for road improvements for roads in the State’s Secondary Road system (roads with a route number of 600 or higher).  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Six Year Secondary Construction Program is based on the County’s Priority List and is reflective of available State road funding allocated to the County.   The County’s Priority List and the VDOT Construction Program are reviewed annually.  The Board held a work session on the County’s Priority List on April 1, 2009.  Attachments A and B represent the input and direction received in that work session.



Goal 3: Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.



At the April 1, 2009 work session, the primary point of discussion was the status of funding for the Dickerson Road paving project (project priority #23, Unpaved Road Projects).  Last year, the Board directed that all unpaved road funds be placed on the Dickerson Road project, a road located within the designated Development Area of Hollymead, until that project is complete. This direction was, in part, in response to the Planning Commission’s recommendation to focus road funds on projects within (or serving) the Development Areas, and to deemphasize improvements in the Rural Areas that might facilitate growth in the Rural Areas.  The Dickerson Road project includes replacement of two bridges. Approximately $1.8 million in road paving funds has previously been allocated to the Dickerson Road project. 


Based on VDOT’s forecasted statewide budget, there will be no allocations for the paving of unpaved roads, at least through VDOT’s 2015 Fiscal Year. Since there will be no additional road paving funds available for allocation over the next six years of the Plan, no new funds will be allocated to the Dickerson Road project in the foreseeable future.  With a total project cost of $12 million, including replacing both bridges, this project cannot be funded and constructed utilizing unpaved road funds.  All available regular construction funds over the next six years are needed to fund higher priority projects, such as the Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road, and Georgetown Road, as well as other maintenance projects.  Based on these circumstances, the Board considered reallocating the $1.8 million from the Dickerson Road project to other projects, but decided to maintain the funding allocated to the Dickerson Road project and see if additional funding becomes available at the state or federal level over the next year to allow continued funding of this project.  The Board will reconsider whether to reallocate the $1.8 million during next year’s review of the County’s Priority List.  The Board indicated that the Old Ballard Road Bridge Improvement project would be a likely candidate project for the reallocation of these funds.  VDOT and County staff will continue to evaluate the Old Ballard Road Bridge project to determine the total project cost in anticipation of the need to reallocate funding available to this project next year.


Staff has also adjusted the County’s Priority List to reflect comments from the Planning Commission and the Board. Specifically, the Old Ivy Road and Southern Parkway projects have been lowered on the Priority List.  This change reflects the desired higher priority given to the Sunset-Fontaine Avenue Connector Road, the Berkmar Drive Extension, and the Berkmar Drive Extension Bridge over the South Fork of the Rivanna River.



The Six Year Road Planning process establishes the County’s priorities for the expenditure of State/VDOT secondary road construction funds. 



After the public hearing, staff recommends that the Board approve the County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements (Attachment A) and authorize the County Executive to sign the VDOT Secondary System Construction Program for Albemarle County consistent with the County’s Priority List (Attachment B).



Attachment A - County’s Priority of Secondary Road Improvements

Attachment B - VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Construction Program

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