County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements



Work session to discuss the update of the County Priority List of Road Improvements and the draft of VDOT’s Six-Year Construction Program.



Tucker, Foley, Graham, Benish, and Wade





April 1, 2009



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The purpose of this work session is to receive input from the Board of Supervisors on the County’s Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements. The Planning Commission held a work session (Attachment A) on the Priority List on October 21, 2008. Staff delayed the Board of Supervisors’ work session to allow VDOT to finalize the transportation budget.


Since the Planning Commission’s review, VDOT has provided a more complete assessment of the upcoming budget and projected funding for the six-year planning period. This executive summary provides additional background/information regarding one possible change proposed to the VDOT Six-Year Construction Program and possibly to the County’s Priority List of Road Improvements.  




3.  Develop policies and infrastructure to address the County’s growing needs.




Use of Dickerson Road Paving Funds:

Based on VDOT’s forecasted statewide budget, there will be no allocations for paving of unpaved roads at least through VDOT’s 2015 Fiscal Year. Last year, the Board directed that all unpaved road funds be placed toward Dickerson Road, a project located within the designated Development Area of Hollymead, until that project is complete. This direction was, in part, in response to the Planning Commission’s recommendation to focus road funds on projects within (or serving) the Development Areas, and to deemphasize improvements in the Rural Area that might facilitate growth in the RA.


Dickerson Road is a paving project that includes replacing two bridges. Approximately $1.8 million in road paving funds has previously been allocated to the Dickerson Road project. Since there will be essentially no additional road paving funds available for allocation over the next six years of the Plan, no new funds will be allocated to this project in the foreseeable future.  With a total cost for the project, including replacing both bridges, of $12 million, this project cannot be funded/constructed utilizing unpaved road funds.  All available regular construction funds available over the next six years are needed to fund higher priority projects: Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road, and Georgetown Road (and other maintenance projects).   Based on these conditions, Dickerson Road cannot be completed using the unpaved road funding, so the Board should consider reallocating the $1.8 million now allocated to Dickerson Road to other projects. 


Staff would like direction on possible use of these funds. Staff has identified the following possible options:


  1. Leave the funds allocated to Dickerson Road. As noted above, project cost and inflation would erode these funds over the years. Also, VDOT is not certain when additional funds will be available to allocate to the project (an additional $10 million would be needed to fully fund the project). Staff does not believe this is a viable option because it is not an effective use of available funds ($1.8 million) during a period of limited funding.
  2. Allocate funds to a regular construction project (i.e., Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman's Gap Road, Georgetown Road, Proffit Road, or bridge projects). There is a negative consequence in regards to future road paving fund allocations if this option is pursued by the Board of Supervisors. Please find on Attachment B correspondence from VDOT outlining the impact of using these funds for non-paving projects.  Essentially, the total miles of unpaved roads would be reduced by seven (7) miles if $1.8 million in road paving funds is reallocated to a non-road paving project.  This would effectively reduce all future allocations of road paving funds to the County. Such an action would require a resolution by the Board of Supervisors.


All three strategic priority projects (Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road, and Georgetown Road) are either now fully funded, or are anticipated to be fully funded within the six-year planning period.  The next project on the Priority List, Proffit Road, will require substantially more funds than the available $1.8 million.  The next highest priority bridge projects (after Advance Mills Bridge) are Dry Bridge and the Old Ballard Road Bridge. It  may be possible to make additional improvements to these bridge projects with the $1.8 million, but it would require further evaluation by VDOT.


  1. The funds could go toward other road paving projects. However these paving projects may not be located in the Development Areas. The only other unpaved road project in the Development Area is Rio Mills Road, which is also too expensive to complete with available funds.  VDOT estimates that it would be able to pave approximately six (6) miles of road with $1.8 million using the rural rustic paving program. Staff continues to receive numerous inquiries concerning paving projects. Staff has identified the next paving projects on the Regular Paving Priority List and the Rural Rustic Road Priority List that are options for the $1.8 million. Staff only listed the projects that the $1.8 million could potentially fund.  Staff has been informed by VDOT that a majority of Doctors Crossing (Rt. 784) could be paved using rural rustic road program guidelines. VDOT will be evaluating this road in detail to determine precisely what sections can be done utilizing rural rustic road guidelines.


Regular Paving Projects                      Rural Rustic Road Projects            Rural Rustic Road Projects

            Rt. 688 – Midway Road                          Rt. 784 - Doctors Crossing                Rt. 787 – Gillums  Ridge Rd

                                                                        Rt. 762- Rose Hill Lane                     Rt. 703- Pocket Lane

                                                                        Rt. 704- Fortune Lane                        Rt. 774- Bear Creek Road

                                                                        Rt. 672- Blufton Road                       Rt. 608- Happy Creek Road


Staff recommends reallocating the use of the $1.8 million currently allocated to Dickerson Road to the Dry Bridge or Old Ballard Road bridges (Option B).  If it is not practical to use these funds for bridge improvements, then the funds should be reallocated to other paving projects, in particular, rural rustic paving projects (Option C).  This would utilize the funds for their original intended purpose (road paving).  If supported by the Board of Supervisors, staff will work with VDOT to pave the roads in priority order.


Other Modifications:

Dickerson Road Bridges – Staff recommends that the two substandard bridges on the Dickerson Road (over Jacobs Run and over the North Fork, Rivanna River) be included on the Bridge Priority List, which is part of the County’s Priority List of Road Improvements.  The bridges were not previously included on the Priority List because they were to be funded as part of the Dickerson Road paving project.  Staff will make this change to the County’s Bridge Priority List for the upcoming public hearing. 


Old Ivy Road and Southern Parkway -- Staff recommends that Old Ivy Road and the Southern Parkway be lowered in the County’s Priority List from their current priority of 6 and 7 respectively, to below the Hillsdale Drive project (currently priority 13).  The Sunset-Fontaine Avenue Connector Road, Hillsdale Drive Bridge and Road Extension, and Priority Bridge Improvements are now seen as higher priority projects.  The MPO has recently recommended removing both of these projects from the Financially Constrained Long Range Transportation Plan (and moved to the “vision list” for unfunded projects).


VDOT Six Year Construction Program -- VDOT is currently working on the final Construction Program for FY 2010-2015 which will include only viable projects due to decreased state revenues estimates (this document will be provided at the meeting). Therefore, projects such as Proffitt Road, Old Ivy Road, and the Southern Parkway will not be shown in VDOT’s program.



The Six-Year Road Planning process establishes the County’s priorities for the expenditure of State/VDOT secondary road construction funds. Additionally, funding is already earmarked in the CIP for revenue and transportation projects to match the Revenue Sharing Program funding request for FY09.




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors provide comments on the County’s Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements and schedule a public hearing for May 13, 2009.



Attachment A – Staff Report to Planning, October 18, 2008

Attachment B – Correspondence form VDOT, Transfer of Road Paving Funds

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