The Green Olive Tree

30th Anniversary



WHEREAS,    seven Crozet ladies came together in 1979 for Bible Study and fellowship, and out of this gathering grew the idea of starting a used clothing store to serve Crozet; and


WHEREAS,    June Andrews, Nancy-Virginia Bain, Ruby Garnett, Sarah Rogers, Mary Shirlen Willets, Evelyn Doyle, and Grace Waller were blessed with good sense,  compassionate hearts, and total dedication to their project,  named “The Green Olive Tree;” and


WHEREAS,    The Green Olive Tree took root, thrived, and outgrew each of its succeeding locations, supported by a large group of loyal volunteers over the years; and


WHEREAS,    from its modest beginning The Green Olive Tree came to share its proceeds with over a hundred different ministries and organizations around the world,  giving away well over $500,000; and


WHEREAS,    not only have tons of clothing been exchanged, but The Green Olive Tree has become a community center where people can share love and support,  ideas and worries,  and come away refreshed and up-lifted;  and


WHEREAS,    The Green Olive Tree has served our community faithfully for thirty wonderful and generous years,  and continues to prosper with the help of numerous volunteers and board members, all who serve without compensation;




that the Board of County Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, does hereby recognize the many valuable contributions of The Green Olive Tree during its thirty years of service to the Albemarle County community and extend its’ appreciation and heartfelt thanks for their continued service and commitment to helping to make this a better community. 


Signed and sealed this 1st day of April, 2009.


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