Attachment A


Appropriation #2009049                                                                                                                                                                         $ 62,209.71   


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue              $  26,958.64  

                                                            Other Fund Balance           35,251.07                      


At its meeting on January 8, 2009, the School Board approved the following appropriations:



§         Grow Your Own program for classified staff pursuing teacher licensure.   This program was developed to offer financial assistance to classified employees pursuing a career in teaching.   Candidates are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in course reimbursements per fiscal year for completed classes which are taken for initial licensure or licensure renewal.


§         National Board Certification.   This program was developed to support and encourage professional development for accomplished teachers by providing financial assistance for them to pursue the National Board Certification.  A one-time $1,000 reimbursement is given to each candidate upon completion of the National Board Certification process.


This appropriation request will transfer $25,268.00 from Human Resources budget to the Academic Resource Center’s budget.











At its meeting on January 22, 2009, the School Board approved the following appropriations:






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