To:                              Members, Albemarle County Planning Commission                        

From:                          Amelia McCulley, Zoning Administrator

Division:                     Zoning & Current Development

Date:                           September 29, 2008

Subject:                     STA 2008-001  Rural Areas Streets and Single Point of Access (SPOA) – revision so SPOA applies to Rural Divisions



The Planning Commission recommended approval of this Subdivision Text Amendment (STA) at the August 26th public hearing.  After that meeting, staff was made aware of a “loophole” relating to rural subdivisions that could to some extent defeat the purpose of this amendment. 


The draft text and legal advertisement have been revised to include applicability for rural subdivisions.  Otherwise, the previous draft text would not have applied the single point of access restriction to rural subdivisions.  A rural division isa type of subdivision that is located in the rural areas which results in two or more lots for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building

development, such that: (i) each lot created is at least five (5) acres in area; and (ii) each lot created has at least two hundred fifty (250) feet of frontage on an existing public street which is part of the primary

system or secondary system of state highways.


Staff recommends adoption of the revised draft ordinance text found in Attachment B.





Attachment A:            STA 2008-001 Executive Summary

Attachment B:            Draft Subdivision Text Amendment Revised dated 9/15/08

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