FY07–FY10 Strategic Plan – June 2008 update




Approve the June 2008 update to the FY 07–FY10 Strategic Plan




Tucker, Foley, Elliott, Allshouse, L., Eggleston, Miller, Ralston, Hanson







June 11, 2008


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Since the early 1990’s, the County has engaged in multiple organizational and departmental strategic planning activities. In 2001, the County developed a strategic planning management system and the Board of Supervisors held its first annual strategic planning retreat. At that time, the Board began providing more leadership to and involvement in the County’s strategic planning process. Each fall, the Board holds a retreat to review past performance, new data and trends, and information from employees regarding the County’s changing environment. The fall retreat also informs and guides the annual operating budget process that commences shortly thereafter. As a result of the Board’s discussions at its retreats, the County often makes adjustments to the County’s Strategic Plan to proactively address emerging strategic challenges. For example, during the FY 03 – FY 06 Strategic Plan time period, the Board added objectives to focus staff’s efforts on emerging transportation and infrastructure challenges.


The Board adopted the County’s current FY07– FY10 Strategic Plan in July 2006 and directed County staff to continue its focus on enhancing the County’s quality of life, protecting its natural resources, managing growth, developing infrastructure, and creating a long-range comprehensive funding strategy.  At its fall 2006 and 2007 retreats, the Board provided additional guidance to staff regarding the comprehensive long-range funding, master planning, and transportation objectives. In addition, the Board reviewed and discussed emerging public safety challenges facing the County at its 2007 retreat.


July 1, 2008 marks the mid-point for implementation of the County’s FY 07-FY 10 Strategic Plan.  Since the Strategic Plan was adopted in July 2006, the County has elected a new Board member; staff has identified key performance indicators, and updated data is available for inclusion in the County’s environmental scan section of the document.  In order to ensure that this plan remains proactively focused on the County’s strategic challenge, it is important that the Board consider annual updates to its Strategic Plan.



2008 Update to the FY 07– FY 10 Strategic Plan




As referenced above, during the 2007 Fall Strategic Planning Retreat, the Board focused on long-range funding, master plan implementation, transportation, and emerging public safety strategic challenges. While master planning and transportation are included in the County’s Strategic Plan, public safety is not. To ensure the Strategic Plan aligns County strategies and efforts to meet emerging challenges, staff stated during the Retreat they would bring back a recommended Public Safety Strategic Plan Objective for the Board’s consideration. For the past several months, representatives of the Police Department, Emergency Communications Center, Department of Fire Rescue, and Department of Social Services have met to discuss cross-departmental public safety related strategic challenges and develop a recommended objective statement. The recommended Public Safety objective included in the attached Strategic Plan update (Attachment 1) on page 8 focuses on increasing prevention activities and services and improving public safety emergency response times.

Attachment 2 provides additional information and background related to the Public Safety strategic challenges. Staff briefed the Albemarle County Fire Rescue Advisory Board (ACFRAB) on this initiative during its May 2008 meeting. Since ACFRAB plays a critical role in the County’s Fire/Rescue system and is currently launching its own strategic planning process, staff felt that it would be of value to share this information with this body prior to full Board consideration.


After the Board approves the inclusion of a public safety objective into the County’s plan, then strategy development will commence and these efforts will include County staff, members of the Albemarle County Police Citizen Advisory Committee, the Department of Social Services Advisory Board, ACFRAB, the Region’s Emergency Communication Center as well as other partners and stakeholders.


The County’s strategic planning process is cyclical and informs the County’s budgetary processes. At the 2008 fall Retreat, the Board will review the County’s annual progress report and key performance indicator data. In addition, staff anticipates that the Board will review the results of the 2008 Citizen survey, will receive a presentation on trends and updates to the County’s environmental scan data, and will weigh insights from County staff regarding challenges and opportunities on the horizon.  The agenda for the 2008 retreat is being prepared with guidance from the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair.



The Strategic Plan provides direction to the County’s annual budget and Five-Year Financial Plan processes.



Staff recommends the Board review and discuss the proposed June 2008 update to the FY 07-10 Strategic Plan during its  June 11, 2008 work session on this matter.  If the updates to the plan meet the Board’s approval, staff recommends the Board approve the updated Strategic Plan and the addition of the proposed public safety strategic objective:


Proposed Strategic Objective:

1.4    By June 30, 2010, enhance the safety of our County by improving emergency response times and increasing prevention activities and services.     



Attachment A Proposed Update to the FY07 – FY10 Strategic Plan Document

Attachment B Public Safety Strategic Challenges Fact Sheet

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