Whereas, an efficient transportation network is crucial to sustainable economic growth in the Commonwealth, a cleaner environment and enhanced public safety and quality of life; and


Whereas, the Commonwealth faces a documented transportation funding shortfall including a recurring and inflating road maintenance funding shortfall resulting in the Commonwealth Transportation Board eliminating and reducing programmed project spending totaling $1.1 billion in the new six-year transportation program; and


Whereas, the Virginia Department of Transportation is transferring almost $400 million in Fiscal Year 2008 from road construction funds to support road maintenance activities; and


Whereas, the eliminated and stalled project monies include primary, urban, and secondary construction funding reductions to regions and localities of up to 44 percent for Fiscal Year 2009; and


Whereas, funding for new highway and bridge construction is diminished as the annual road maintenance shortfall continues to escalate and the estimate to repair the Commonwealth’s 1,700 deficient bridges totals more than $3 billion; and


Whereas, regions of economic importance to the Commonwealth, including Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia, confront major transportation funding challenges in addition to those shared by all other areas of the Commonwealth; and


Whereas, transferring State general funds to transportation neither adequately supports documented and recurring transportation infrastructure investment needs, nor serves to protect the Commonwealth’s additional core services including public education, health care, mental health and retardation, and public safety; and


Whereas, Virginia has the nation’s seventh lowest motor vehicle sales tax rate and the Commonwealth last enacted dedicated, new, significant and recurring annual statewide revenues for transportation in 1986, including the last increase in Virginia’s modestly low gas tax rate of 17.5 cents per gallon; and


Whereas, since 2006 the Commonwealth has enacted significant reforms to improve the coordination between transportation and local land-use planning;


Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the County of Albemarle, Virginia, hereby calls on the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia General Assembly during the forthcoming transportation special session to enact a significant transportation funding package to include dedicated, new, significant and recurring annual revenues to address the Commonwealth’s documented transportation infrastructure needs; and  


Be It Further Resolved, that the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia General Assembly are urged to enact dedicated, new, significant and recurring annual revenues to eliminate the road maintenance shortfall; increase funding directed to interstate and primary highways, urban and secondary roads, and transit projects; guard against the transfer of general funds to transportation; and address the unique transportation needs of specific regions of the Commonwealth including initially Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.




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