Work Session:


Crozet Downtown Zoning

Crozet Downtown Zoning- A review and discussion of the Crozet Downtown Zoning project, including the public process to date and presentation of the recommended draft Crozet Downtown Zoning concepts and boundaries by the consultant for Downtown Crozet. (Rebecca Ragsdale)


In summary, the Planning Commission held a work session on Crozet Downtown Zoning.  The primary purpose of the work session was informational to provide an overview of the public process to date and for presentation of the recommended draft Crozet Downtown Zoning concepts and boundaries by the consultant.  The presentation provided an opportunity for the Commission to get an initial understanding of the concepts and ask questions. Public comment was taken.  No formal action was taken. Follow up work sessions at which further details will be further discussed will be scheduled in the future.  Ultimately, text language will be developed and a public hearing scheduled.  A work session on Downtown Crozet Zoning Project was scheduled on October 2, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.  The Commission agreed to limit the work session to 45 minutes and to bring their own sandwiches.


Sandy Wilcox, President of the Downtown Crozet Association (DCA), addressed the Commission and noted that the group that he represents owns approximately 75 percent of all of the land that would potentially be affected by the recommended zoning changes. He indicated that they have worked very closely with the consultants at their meetings and are generally supportive of the zoning project. The DCA has developed a position statement on every recommendation in the consultants report and would like to provide that to the Commission. Mr. Wilcox also requested that he be allowed additional time to speak to the Commission at future meetings, since he would be representing a larger group.


Ms. Joseph asked that they figure out a different format for the upcoming work session.


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