Work Session:


Crozet Downtown Zoning

A review and discussion of the Crozet Downtown Zoning project, with a focused discussion on a recommendation for a single Downtown Crozet Zoning District and the zoning regulations to be established for that district, including building setbacks, building height, land uses, the requirement for mixed use, parking requirements, sidewalks, landscaping, buffer/screening requirements. (Rebecca Ragsdale)


In summary, the Planning Commission held the third work session on Crozet Downtown Zoning. The primary purpose of the work session was to focus on the actual zoning regulations.  The slide show presented by staff reviewed the following zoning requirements: building and parking setbacks, building height, parking, land uses, the requirement for mixed use, sidewalks, landscaping and buffer/screening requirements.  The Commission discussed the zoning requirements, made comments and provided feedback and answered the questions posed by staff.  Public comment was taken.  No formal action was taken.  An additional work session will be scheduled in the future to discuss implementation and a possible comprehensive zoning map amendment initiated by the County


The Planning Commission made the following comments:



·         The Planning Commission suggested that the minimum number of parking spaces for 2-bedroom residential uses should be 2.0 instead of 2.5 and that staff should look at the minimum number of spaces for other uses to see if they can be further reduced.

·         Regarding the land uses, the main goal is to allow flexibility to achieve the mixed use.  The proposed regulations from the consultant would require that each building have a mixture of uses.  Members of the public were concerned that requiring all buildings to have mixed use would be too onerous.  Planning Commissioners were concerned that commercial and residential uses might not be achieved in the downtown without some requirements.


The Planning Commission asked staff to pursue other exemptions or incentives for mixed use, such as the tiered approach as suggested by staff. The Planning Commission was receptive to looking at the tier approach and other possibilities to encourage mixed use and allow additional flexibility for businesses in Downtown. The recommended 1,000 sq ft maximum average for residential units needs some work and substantiation that this is the appropriate size.  Staff was requested to work on this issue and provide additional information to the Commission. 


The following public comment was taken:


·         Cliff Fox voiced concerns about the mixed use requirement. They should try to relax the restrictions in a constructive way so that this is a viable thing that can occur over time.  There is a need to allow flexibility and not more restrictions.

·         Sandy Wilcox, President of the Downtown Crozet Association (DCA), addressed the following concerns of his group:

·         Mr. Marshall asked that the restrictions and message not be too complicated for the downtown area, with the result being that developers and builders would not understand the rules.  He encouraged the Commission to move forward and not spend too much time imagining every potential future situation.  The Commission has the ability to make additional changes in the future if it is found to be necessary.


Staff will follow up on how to approach the next steps.  There will be a separate work session on the implementation and further discussion on the rezoning.  Topics for the next work session include: Follow-up on the parking trading agreements, requirement for mixed use and average residential unit size and a discussion on implementation of zoning changes, including a possible comprehensive zoning map amendment initiated by the County.


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