New Business


Ms Joseph asked if there was any new business.  


         Crozet Downtown Update Ė The question was asked when that project was instigated by the County and what our contract was for that project.


Mr. Cilimberg noted that the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution of intent on September 6, 2006 to pursue this downtown zoning amendment.  From that point on it was a process of developing a scope of work, going through the procurement process, interviewing and ultimately negotiating and hiring a consultant.   The consultant is now on board and has begun work under a contract for $75,000. 


Ms. Joseph asked staff to elaborate because staff had indicated that this zoning classification or district may be able to be used in other areas.


Mr. Cilimberg replied that this will provide an analysis as to what kind of district best works for a town center or downtown kind of setting.  It may be a base district or an overlay district. But, it certainly has the potential of being used in other similar circumstances.  They donít have any existing downtowns per say in the County, but as in Places 29 as an example, there is an uptown and a mid-town proposal.  It may very well be a district that can be used in those cases or in some varied form. This is a good exercise to go through.  Obviously, they have a place where there is a defined need expressed by business owners who, along with the Crozet Council, requested that the Board authorize and have staff pursue this particular district.


Mr. Strucko asked what the advantages of this district would be.


Mr. Cilimberg replied that it was going to deal with a variety of aspects of zoning that are not available in conventional districts, such as the relationship of buildings to streets, parking requirements and potentially height and setbacks.  It would potentially be different from what the conventional districts would allow.  Most of the downtown zoning is conventional commercial, which would require a rezoning of property to Neighborhood Model District under current provisions.  This particular district will be more suited to a downtown center type of situation.  It also will include a recommendation as to whether or not this is a rezoning that the County wants to go ahead and pursue independent of having individual property owners seek rezoning .  Essentially the district could be put in place by the County for use by businesses and properties that are in the downtown area without having to go through a rezoning process.  That will be part of the outcome as to the recommendation.


Ms. Joseph noted concerns with that aspect. If the County does the rezoning, then everything is by right and any help with proffers for infrastructure would be gone.


Mr. Cilimberg said that it is really interesting because the County has not typically done that in the past.  Whereas, the city does that all of the time because they want to encourage the type of development they are getting.  It is something that has to be decided in the outcome of this particular districtís approval and whether that is something the County wants to apply as an initiative of the County or wait and have it applied for by applicants.


Mr. Zobrist said that they were trying to master plan what they do there and then bring in zoning to conform it at the initiative of the County to tell people exactly what they expect and to get it to look and feel the way they want it to.


Mr. Cilimberg replied that the recommendation of the Crozet Master Plan was to do that.


Mr. Kamptner asked if the boundaries of the downtown have been defined yet.


Mr. Cilimberg replied that he was not sure if they have.  It is very early.  But, that is part of what the consultant needs to provide their recommendation on.  They have talked about CT-6 and potentially some of the CT-5 areas that are around the downtown, but it was not actually specified in the scope of work. 


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