To:       Members of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


From:    Jeffrey T. McDaniel, Environmental Health Manager, Thomas Jefferson Health District


Date:    May 28, 2008


Re:       Subdivision Review Request, Tax Map 76C, Parcels 02-5 (Residue and Parcel Z), Belair subdivision


I understand that a concerned citizen has raised some questions regarding the Health Departmentís involvement in the above matter. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a chronology of Health Department involvement.


September 12, 2007       Albemarle County Planning Department requested the Health Department to review a subdivision proposal for the above lot. The request included a proposed plat and design criteria dated August 28, 2007 submitted by Mr. Michael Craun, P.E.

November 15, 2007       A level 1 review of that request was performed by Mr. Travis Davis, EHS Senior. The proposal was approved, and the approval letter was sent based on submitted documentation.

Feb. to Apr. 2008          The Health Department received comments from concerned citizens and gathered issues for an additional review.

April 12, 2008                The Health Department received a new site plan, design information, and AOSE certification statement from the P.E.

April 21, 2008                Mr. Jeff McDaniel, Environmental Health Manager, and Mr. Phillip Cobb, Virginia Tech Soil Scientist, visited the lot and reviewed the soils.

April 22, 2008                Mr. Travis Davis, EHS Senior, issued a revised approval based on new design information, confirmation that the engineer consulted with a certified AOSE, and soils confirmation.


To take additional steps to address any issues regarding the soil conditions on the proposed lots, Mr. Cobb, an independent soil scientist, was retained to review the soils information. Mr. Cobb is one of four consultants hired by VDH to provide unbiased opinions on soils. We normally contact him if we have questions regarding rejection or approval of sites being considered for a permit. In this case, both he and I concurred that the soils meet the criteria and are consistent with the descriptions submitted by the engineer.


Because a perceived conflict of interest has been suggested, I would like to clarify procedures involving any submittals by Mr. Michael Craun, P.E. to the Health Department. Several years ago, when Mr. William Craun was an environmental health specialist, Michael Craun, an engineer, began submitting proposals for our office to review. In order to prevent even the appearance of a conflict of interest, Health Department management required that all submittals received from Michael Craun be assigned to other Environmental Health personnel. When William Craun was promoted to supervisor, additional changes were made to the policy to assure that staff that William Craun supervises had submittals from Michael Craun reviewed by someone else. We have recently reviewed that policy with all staff supervised by William Craun to clarify that any reviews needed are to be performed by the other district supervisor, the manager, or another VDH engineer.


The Health Department has responded to every request from the Planning Department regarding these lots. Please let me know if I can assist you further.


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