SP 2007-054 SOCA Synthetic Field



Request to construct a synthetic soccer field and associated parking in accordance with Section of the Zoning Ordinance.



Cilimberg, Echols, Frederick






May 14, 2008


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On April 22, 2008, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the special use permit request to construct one (1) full sized all-weather synthetic turf field, two (2) mini-soccer fields, and a facility to include; a concession stand, locker rooms, manager’s office, trainer’s treatment room and equipment storage; associated parking at Belvedere.   The Planning Commission approved the associated critical slope waiver and recommended approval of the special use permit with conditions recommended by staff, along with five (5) additional recommendations.  The staff report is Exhibit A-1.  Exhibit B-1 contains the action memo from the Commission.



The Planning Commission asked that the issue of a contribution to a traffic signal on Rio Road/Meadowcreek Parkway at the intersection with the new Belvedere Boulevard to mitigate impacts of the soccer use be worked out between the Commission and Board meeting.  The applicant asked staff to provide a cost figure for this contribution.  Staff calculated that the applicant’s proportion would be 5%.  The signal is estimated at $225,000 and the proportionate share for SOCA would be $11,250.  Staff understands that the applicant agrees to a condition of 5% of the cost of the signal.



Staff recommends approval of SP 2007-054 with the following conditions:


  1. The location of the synthetic field shall be in general accord with the conceptual plan entitled, “Belvedere – SOCA Special User Permit: All Weather Synthetic Turf Field”, and dated March 28, 2008.
  2. Public streets which provide access to the synthetic field and to the parking area shall be constructed prior to use of the field.
  3. Public streets which provide on-street parking to accommodate parking requirements for the synthetic field shall be a minimum of 32’ in width or other width as may be required by the County Engineer and approved as a variation by the Director of Planning.
  4. Pedestrian access shall be provided from the end of Belvedere Boulevard to the synthetic field in accordance with the Albemarle County Design Manual standards for permanent paths.
  5. In conjunction with it review and approval of a site plan or subdivision plat that pertains to or includes TMP 062A3-00-00-00100, the County may require that Belvedere Boulevard be extended to provide public street access to TMP 06200-00-00-002A0.
  6. The applicant shall demonstrate as a condition of final site plan approval that the on-site parking provided for the use, including on-site on-street parking, is adequate for the proposed use.
  7. The hours of use for organized activities and events are limited to the time between 8:00am and 9:30pm.
  8. The applicant shall pay five (5) percent of the cost of signalization (the "signal(s)")at the intersection of Belvedere Boulevard and Rio Road/Meadowcreek Parkway as follows:
    1. Prior to the issuance of the first building or other permit issued by the County, the applicant shall place funds in escrow or provide other security ("security") acceptable to the County in an amount equal to the cost of the signal(s), which amount shall be calculated by the Director of Community Development in the year in which the security is provided.  The security shall continue so long that it is available to pay for the cost of the signal(s) until ten (10) years after the date of approval of this special use permit.  Security that is not in an interest-bearing account shall be annually renewed, and the amount of the security shall be adjusted each year according to the consumer price index, as determined by the Director of Community Development; and
    2. If, at any time until ten (10) years after the date of approval of this special use permit, the Virginia Department of Transportation ("VDOT") authorizes in writing the installation of the signal(s), and VDOT and the County's Engineer approve the signal(s), whether before or after the applicant has obtained a building permit, the County may demand payment of the applicant's five (5) percent share of the cost of cost of the signal(s), and the applicant shall pay its share to the County within thirty (30) days of that demand.   
  9. The proposed route of the Meadow Creek Parkway or its other manifestation to be designated on the site plan consistent with the alignment that is shown on the conceptual plan entitled, “Belvedere – SOCA Special User Permit: All Weather Synthetic Turf Field”, and dated March 28, 2008.
  10. If the use or structure is not commenced by May 14, 2013, this special use permit shall be deemed abandoned and the authority granted by this permit shall be terminated.



EXHIBIT A-1:     Planning Commission Action Memo for April 22, 2008

EXHIBIT B-1:     Staff Report dated April 22, 2008

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