County of Albemarle

Crozet Library Steering Committee
Charge Statement, Membership and Organization

April 3, 2008


Steering Committee Charge


The Crozet Library Steering Committee is an advisory committee charged with a) providing direction and advice on a public/stakeholder engagement process; b) providing oversight and direction to the project’s design team; c) considering and balancing the concerns/issues of the affected stakeholders and building public consensus for committee recommendations; d) reviewing alternative designs; and e) making a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on a final preferred program and concept plan. The preferred program and plan should be based on the Board’s Vision to develop a new and expanded public library in downtown Crozet as a critical priority to provide a focal point for community activity and to help catalyze expanded opportunities for new and existing downtown businesses. 


The Steering Committee shall work directly with the County’s project design team including consultants and staff. Its work shall be coordinated with the County’s efforts to promote a vibrant business and community center in downtown Crozet.


The Steering Committee's recommendation shall include at a minimum:


·         A program description for the Library.

·         The Library’s layout, including the type, size and location of uses and activities.

·         How the plan fulfills the County’s vision and adheres to the guiding principles for the Library.

·         The estimated costs for both building and operating the facility.

·         An architectural concept of the preferred plan for the facility.


The Steering Committee will conclude its work at the end of the Schematic Design phase and make a final recommendation to the Board of Supervisors no later than October 30, 2008. The Committee shall provide periodic updates to the Board on the progress of their work.


Membership Selection Process


The Crozet Library Steering Committee shall consist of approximately twelve (12) voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Appointments will be based on staff recommendations and nominations from community and business groups.


Membership Selection Criteria


The Crozet Library Steering Committee will be composed, at a minimum, of the following representatives:


·         Two members of the Board of Supervisors

·         The County’s Director of Facilities Development (Chair)

·         The County’s Executive Office

·         The County’s Regional Library Director

·         The Crozet Library’s Branch Manager

·         One Library Board member

·         One member of the Crozet Community Advisory Council

·         Once member of the Crozet Community Association

·         One member of the Crozet Downtown Association

·         One member of the Planning Commission

·         One member of the Crozet Library Fund Raising Committee

·         One member of the Crozet area PTO


The Board of Supervisors will appoint members based on their qualifications and interest in serving on the Committee.  An individual may be appointed to represent more than one of the above referenced groups.  The Board will strive to appoint an overall membership that is diverse in age, abilities, experiences, professions, interests, etc.

Member qualifications include:


·         Experience working within a consensus-driven decision-making process, and a commitment to such a process in fulfilling the Committee's responsibilities as outlined in the charge statement;

·         Willingness to work within established County procedures and processes;

·         Ability to be open-minded; to listen and be respectful of the values, views and opinions of other representatives;

·         Ability to share information with, and receive information from the community at large;

·         Ability to meet once a month and possibly more often over the next year; and

·         Being a resident of Albemarle County


Steering Committee Organization


The Board of Supervisors shall designate the Committee Chair. The consultant design team and other County staff shall serve as technical representatives and shall be responsible for assembling and compiling all information and reports necessary for the Committee's work to progress, including meeting notes.


Meetings will be held approximately once a month. The date and time of Committee meetings shall be established at the first meeting; additional meetings may be called by the Chair. All meetings will be open work sessions, where the general public is invited to attend to listen and observe, unless participation is deemed appropriate by the Chair.  Active participation will be extended to the general public at open houses, workshops and public hearings. In addition to the Steering Committee, the project will include a comprehensive public engagement program for the public at large to include active participation at open houses, workshops, public hearings, and other appropriate venues.


No quorum shall be necessary to conduct business, but no vote will be taken unless a quorum is present. A majority of the voting members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. Decisions shall be made, if possible, by an indication of general consensus among the Committee members present. Staff (other than appointed members) will not participate as decision makers. When this method does not serve to establish a clear direction, the chair shall call for a roll-call vote. When an agreement cannot be achieved on an issue, business shall proceed and County staff shall document and present minority positions for future Board of Supervisor consideration.


Facilitation will be provided in those instances when it is considered beneficial in helping the Committee achieve its stated purposes.


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