VDOT Revenue Sharing Program, FY 08-09



Resolution to approve the County’s participation in the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Revenue Sharing Program for FY 08-09.



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Graham, Benish, and Wade





March 12, 2008


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The VDOT Revenue Sharing Program (“Program”) is a competitive funding program for road improvements which requires a minimum dollar for dollar match from participating localities.  The County has participated in this Program since 1988.  The Program provides an opportunity for the County to receive an additional $1.0 million for road improvements.


VDOT modified the Program ranking criteria last year to give higher priority to localities that provide more than the minimum dollar for dollar match or, alternatively, that take on project administration responsibilities.  In order to provide a competitive application, the County must try to rank highly in the Tier One level of the Program.


VDOT’s Tier One policy states:


Tier One provides funding when the governing body commits more than $1 million in local funds for a $1 million match. The locality’s total requests are considered for tier one funding. If requests exceed funds available, tier one requests will be prioritized based on the amount of local funds committed above the matching funds. Please note, local matching funds must be available for use by April 1, and those in excess of $1 million match, must be spent prior to receiving state matching funds. The use of state Revenue Sharing funds requires that state laws, policies, and procedures must be followed.


Last year, the County provided a $1.5 million match and received the full award of $1.0 million, for a total of $2.5 million, which was applied to the Meadow Creek Parkway project.



Goal 3: Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.



The County must provide more than a dollar for dollar match in order to qualify for consideration at the Tier One level, and, because the Program is expected to be very competitive this year under the new guidelines, it must provide a significant match in order to increase its chances of being awarded funding within that tier.  Staff recommends providing a $1.5 million match, of which $1.0 million has been allocated through Revenue Sharing in the Capital Improvement Program.  The remaining $500,000 is available from funds allocated to the Transportation Improvement Program in the CIP. 


VDOT residency staff recommends applying any FY 09 Revenue Sharing funds toward the Jarmans Gap Road project to ensure that sufficient funds are available for the project to stay on schedule for construction.  If the VDOT Revenue Sharing request is awarded, the project would receive $2.5 million in funding.


The estimated cost for the Jarmans Gap Road project, from Crozet Avenue (Rt. 240) to Jarmans Lake Road, is $14,654,792.  The project has received a cumulative total of $6,789,407 in funding from VDOT over previous years, of which $993,400 is from FY 00 revenue sharing funds.  The proposed Six Year Secondary Priority List shows VDOT funding for the remaining $7,865,385 from regular road construction fund allocations. The Board of Supervisors will discuss the Secondary Road Improvements Priority List and funding allocations for projects at its March 5, 2008 meeting. 


The current estimated advertisement date to bid the Jarmans Gap Road Project for construction is November 2010.



The County’s match of $1.0 million has been allocated in the Capital Improvement Program.  The $500,000 is available from funds allocated to the Transportation Program in the CIP.  The $1.5 million will potentially leverage an additional $1.0 million in VDOT funds to be used toward high priority road improvements.



Staff recommends that the Board adopt the attached resolution to participate in VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program for FY 09 and allocate $500,000 from Local Transportation Improvement Program funding in the CIP toward the Jarman’s Gap Road project for use in matching VDOT funding.



Attachment A – Resolution

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