Community Involvement & Public Process Summary


Community input has been an integral part of the Crozet Downtown Zoning project and is essential to making sure that recommended zoning changes fit the Master Plan vision and will work for Downtown Crozet. A project steering committee was established and met almost monthly to oversee the community meeting process. The committee included representatives from the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC), the Downtown Crozet Association (DCA), and Board of Supervisors. The CCAC and DCA also focused on the project at their regular monthly meetings. A summary of major community meetings are listed below. Prior to any changes being made that will affect property owners, individual notices will be mailed and public hearings will be held with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.


The following community goals were developed in early community meetings and have contributed to the Downtown Zoning recommendations:


February 21, 2008        Crozet Community Advisory Council- Staff update to the CCAC on the Commissionís 1/29/08 meeting and next steps, including the March 5 process update to the Board of Supervisors and recommendations that will be discussed at the Boardís March 17 work session.

January 29, 2008          Planning Commission Work Session- Review and recommendation on proposed regulations for a new Downtown Crozet Zoning district and boundaries for a potential County-initiated rezoning to the proposed zoning district. The Commission was asked to review and provide specific comment on:  Proposed By-right & Special Use Permit Uses permitted by the proposed Downtown Crozet Zoning district regulations; Boundaries of County-Initiated Rezoning; Buffer/Screening Adjacent to Residential Districts requirements of the proposed downtown Crozet Zoning district; Information regarding potential impacts of a County-initiated rezoning, including implications to the Entrance Corridor & Architectural Review Board (ARB) guidelines. Public comments were considered at this work session.

January 24, 2008          Crozet Community Advisory Council- Staff update to the CCAC on the zoning project and discussion items to be presented at the January 29 Commission work session. The CCAC heard public comment from residents in Downtown. CCAC discussion focused on recommended boundaries for the proposed zoning district.

January 14, 2008          Downtown Crozet Association- Staff provided the DCA an update on the Downtown Crozet Zoning project, including a summary of the Commissionís November 27, 2008 work session. The DCA discussed and provided comments on the potential boundaries of a County-initiated rezoning, parking regulations, maximum average residential unit size & requirement for mixed use.


November 27, 2007        Planning Commission Work Session-The Commission discussion included review of zoning regulations the Commission recommended be modified in their previous work session (10/30/07): Requirement for mixed use, further reduction in parking requirements, and the requirement for an average maximum residential unit size.  This work session also focused on implementation of the zoning district and recommendation for boundaries, should the County comprehensively rezone portions of Downtown Crozet. Public comments were considered at this work session.


October 30, 2007          Planning Commission Work Session-The Commission held a focused discussion on a recommendation for a single Downtown Crozet Zoning District and the zoning regulations to be established for that district.  Topics include: building setbacks, building height, land uses, the requirement for mixed use, parking requirements, sidewalks, landscaping, and buffer/screening requirements. Public comments were considered at this work session.


October 2, 2007            Planning Commission Work Session- The Commission held discussion on the consultantís proposal for establishing four zoning districts in the Downtown Crozet area, Downtown 1 & 2, and Transition 1 & 2, and the recommended regulations for each district. The Commission received public comment, including comments from the Downtown Crozet Association, and advised staff to simplify the zoning regulations. Public comments were considered at this work session.


September 18, 2007     Planning Commission Work Session- The consultant and County staff provided the Commission an overview of the recommended zoning changes and public input, with the understanding that the Commission and Board of Supervisors would hold subsequent discussions prior to draft zoning text language/map changes being developed for a public hearing.  Public comments were considered at this work session.


September 13, 2007     Community Meeting 5- The consultant presented their final recommendations for zoning concepts and boundaries, which were the forwarded to the County Planning Commission for further discussion.


July 26, 2007                Community Meeting 4- The consultant presented a refinement of zoning concepts and boundaries with illustrations for public comment.


June 25, 2007               Community Meeting 3- The consultant presented and received public comment on recommended zoning concepts and potential zoning boundaries.


May 24, 2007                Community Meeting 2-The consultant asked for feedback from the community on key zoning issues, including setbacks, building height, buffers, uses, lighting, landscaping, and signs


May 8, 2007                  Community Meeting 1- This meeting was held in conjunction with the Crozet Community Association and provided an overview of the project. The community provided input to the consultant on challenges/opportunities, along with what the vision and shared values are for Downtown.


April 3, 2007                 Project Kick-off- Project kick-off meeting with staff and project steering committee.           


September 6, 2006       Board of Supervisors- The Board adopted a Resolution of Intent, by a vote of 6:0, to initiate the proposed zoning text amendment for Downtown Crozet and directed staff to proceed with hiring a consultant to assist in the creation of a Crozet downtown zoning district or zoning overlay district and to develop a zoning text amendment proposal in cooperation with the Crozet community. Sanford Wilcox gave a signed petition to the Board supporting a new zoning district to serve Downtown Crozet. Michael Marshall also spoke about the importance of Downtown Crozet.


August 17, 2006            Crozet Community Advisory Council- Discussion and resolution of intent passed by the CCAC to support hiring a consultant to assist with  zoning changes in Downtown Crozet.


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