FY 2009 Budget Amendment



Public Hearing on the Proposed FY 2009 Budget Amendment in the amount of $3,765,823.00 and request approval of amendment and of Appropriation #2009019, #2009020, #2009021, #2009022, #2009023, #2009024, #2009025, #2009029, and #2009030 to provide funding for various local government, school, ECC, and capital programs.



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, and Wiggans





October 1, 2008


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The Code of Virginia § 15.2-2507 stipulates that any locality may amend its budget to adjust the aggregate amount to be appropriated during the fiscal year as shown in the currently adopted budget.   However, any such amendment which exceeds one percent of the total expenditures shown in the currently adopted budget must be accomplished by first publishing a notice of a meeting and holding a public hearing before amending the budget. The Code section applies to all County funds, i.e., General Fund, Capital Funds, E911, School Self-Sustaining, etc.


The total of the new requested FY 2009 appropriations, itemized below, is $1,887,190.00.  Combined with the appropriations approved since the budget was adopted, the cumulative appropriation total is $3,765,823.00.  Because the cumulative amount of the appropriations exceeds one percent of the currently adopted budget, a budget amendment public hearing is required.  The advertised budget amendment included reappropriation requests for uncompleted General Government, Schools, and Storm Water capital projects.  These three requests are currently undergoing additional staff review and have been removed from the amendment request.  They will be provided for the Board’s considered at it’s November meeting.



Goal 5:  Develop a comprehensive funding strategy/plan to address the County’s growing needs.



The proposed increase of this FY 2009 Budget Amendment totals $3,765,823.00.  The estimated expenses and revenues included in the proposed amendment are shown below:



                  General Fund                                                                        $            298,086.80

                  Special Revenue Funds                                                          $          1,838,781.23

                  School Fund                                                                         $            218,100.08

                  School Program Funds                                                          $            420,255.00

                  Capital Improvements Fund                                                    $          ( 124,171.00)

                  Emergency Communication Center Funds                               $          1,114,770.89


                  TOTAL ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES – All Funds                $          3,765,823.00



                  Local Revenues (Fees, Contributions, Donations)                     $          1,305,483.96

                  State Revenue                                                                       $             629,029.19

                  Federal Revenue                                                                    $            784,396.19

                  General Fund Balance                                                           $            217,503.80

                  Other Fund Balances                                                             $             829,409.86


                  TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUES – All Funds                        $          3,765,823.00



The budget amendment is comprised of twenty-seven (27) separate appropriations, eighteen (18) of which have already been approved by the Board as indicated below:


            Approved July 2, 2008:

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009001) providing funding to the Northwestern Virginia Health Systems Agency in the amount of $4,723.00;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009002) totaling $80,000.00 for a Fire Rescue SAFER grant;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009003) in the amount of $20,000.00 for a donation to the School Division; and

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009004) in the amount of $180,000.00 establishing the revenue and expenditure in the School’s operating budget relating to the storage facility lease, facilitating the transfer of appropriated capital funding.


Approved August 6, 2008:

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009005) distributing the $25,000.00 budgeted in the Total Rewards contingency to General Government departments;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009006) transferring $46,000.00 for additional motor vehicles from the General Fund to the Motor Vehicle Replacement Fund;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009007) allocating $28,395.00 from the budgeted contingency for the Teen Pregnancy Program to MACAA ; 

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009008) totaling $4,140.00 for a Crime Analysis Improvement Grant for the Police Department,

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009009) totaling $451,589.00 for Education donation donations and grants;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009010) establishing the FY2009 budget for the Commission on Children and Families in the amount of $952,025.00; and

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009011) totaling $165,799.00 for the OAR Crisis Intervention Team grant.


Approved September 3, 2008:

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009012) totaling $140,000.00 for two Commission on Children & Families grants;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009013) in the amount of $3,800.00 for miscellaneous FY08/09 budget adjustments;

·         Two (2) appropriations (#2009014 and #2009016) for two Social Services grants totaling $37,399.00;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009015) totaling $7,520.00 for Education donations;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009017) providing $34,042.00 for transcription services for the Board of Supervisors; and

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009018) totaling $34,000.00 to reappropriate funding for two uncompleted Emergency Communications Center projects.


The nine(9) new appropriations are as follows:


·         One (1) appropriation (#2009019) reappropriating $174,659.80 in funding for uncompleted Emergency Communications Center projects and $906,111.09 for the Mobile Data Project;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009020) $244,248.80, reappropriating funds for outstanding purchase orders;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009021) totaling $265,993.06, reappropriating grant and seized asset funds;

·         Two (2) appropriations (#2009022 and #2009030) totaling $35,075.08 for school programs and donations;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009023) in the amount of $58,844.26 for the Foothills Child Advocacy Center;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009024) reappropriating $61,835.91 for Commission on Children and Families grants;

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009025) of $130,422 .00 recognizing additional Community Development fees and unfreezing two Community Development positions; and

·         One (1) appropriation (#2009029) providing $10,000.00 to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission for the Regional Transit Authority.


A detailed description of these requests is provided on Attachment A.



Staff recommends approval of the FY 2009 Budget Amendment in the amount of $3,765,823.00 after the public hearing, and then approval of Appropriations #2009019, #2009020, #2009021, #2009022, #2009023, #2009024, #2009025, #2009029, and #2009030 to provide funds for various local government, school, ECC, and capital projects and programs as described in Attachment A.



Attachment A

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