Dear Neighbors:


The Board has been examining the problem of speeding along Lego Drive.  For years we have tried to slow traffic on Lego by encouraging awareness but the problem has continued.  For most of us, speed naturally increases as we go down the mountain.  For the few, it is a matter of reckless driving.


Another 100 homes are planned for Ashcroft which will mean another 200 cars on Lego. Heavier traffic will only increase the  current threat to walkers, joggers, and our children as they wait for the school bus. 


To slow traffic, we have proposed that a median be placed in the cul de sac adjacent to the clubhouse and that two sets of speed humps be placed on Lego. One hump will be just before Anderson on the curve (as you go down Lego), slowing vehicles on the curve. Another will also be placed just before Wright Lane, slowing traffic before the bus stop. Attached to this email is a map that will give you an idea of where the median and humps are located. 


We do not have to institute all three proposals at once, but VDOT requires that we pass the entire plan to be able to do any of them. Itís all or none.  Once passed, we can decide which to do.  We think the median in the cul de sac will be an attractive addition to the neighborhood and will recommend it first.


Seventy-five percent of the neighborhood must vote yes for the plan to pass, so itís important that everyone vote.  Please place your ballot in the lockbox at the entrance to Ashcroft. If we do not hear from you, someone will be by your house to take your vote. Please be sure to sign and include your address.  Albemarle County requires this for the vote to be counted.  Every household has one vote.  


If you have questions, you may call any of your traffic committee for answers:


Audrey Irvine at 979-3810

Ann McAndrew at 979-1980

Tom Wolanski at 296-3701

Steve Fox at 295-2826

John Healy at 979-5902

Lisa Lockwood at 295-1702


Ashcroft Neighborhood Association

Ownerís Ballot

Traffic Calming


In making my vote below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the traffic calming plan and understand the steps that will be taken to slow traffic in Ashcroft.  These include:


         A median 32 feet in diameter in the cul de sac adjacent to the club house,

         A speed hump just before Anderson Lane as you go down Lego Drive, and

         A speed hump just before Wright Lane as you continue down Lego Drive.


_____ Yes - I vote in favor of the traffic plan


_____ No - I vote against the traffic plan



Signature ____________________________


Address _____________________________



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