Attachment A – Proposed Scope of Work


Introduction and Purposes

Local governments across the Commonwealth, as well as regionally and nationally, are routinely faced with difficult budget, planning and resource allocation decisions. At the same time, they are confronting ever-increasing demands for expanded services, unfunded mandates and an increasing regulatory environment. With rapidly changing technologies available to local policymakers and managers, as well as demands for efficient operational systems to support the core mission of the locality, public accountability in leadership and management is more important than ever. Periodic reviews of policy, regulations, administrative and operational systems assist organizations to respond effectively to these demands and continuous operational improvement. More importantly, a periodic external review can make a difference in maximizing resources for achieving the ultimate outcomes of the organization.


In response to a request from the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and County Executive, the Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute (CEPI) has prepared a proposal to conduct a “Resources Management Review” of the County’s administrative, financial, organizational and operational structures, service delivery, policies and procedures.


CEPI is a joint venture of the Center for Public Policy in the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Political Affairs and the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. CEPI supports the improvement of local government and school divisions through research, policy analysis, technical support services and support services for local, state and national policy makers.


Scope of Work: Focused Purposes of the Resource Management Review

The primary focus of the review is to assist Albemarle County in identifying ways to improve the utilization of it’s resources – financial, human, facilities and others – to provide the most efficient and effective services to the community. Focused areas for study will include a review of:


·         Administrative and operational support systems to assure maximization of financial resources for direct service needs,


·         Long-term financial planning policies; five and ten years,


·         Long-term facility needs and planning to accommodate departmental growth and changes,


·         The organization, operation and service delivery of functional areas including Community Development, Public Safety, Human Services, Human Resources and Finance.


·         Human resource components such as recruitment, training, professional development, salary/benefits,


·         Local policy development processes and regulatory systems including staff and community involvement and communications, and


·         The County’s organizational structure and delivery of services using metrics benchmarked with comparable jurisdictions in Virginia.


Scope of Services and Review Processes

To accomplish these intended purposes, CEPI will interview key County officials and leadership, conduct an open meeting for County staff, review and analyze County documents and data, visit County facilities, hold public meetings to receive community input related to the purposes of the review, and submit and present a report of its findings.


Review Limitations

This review is not designed to provide any information related to specific employee or program performance or effectiveness. Further, this review will make no specific recommendations related to utilization issues of facilities raised in the report, nor will the scope and time limitations permit detailed financial projections related to the utilization issues of resource areas being reviewed.


Time Fame for Delivery

CEPI estimates completion of a final report no later than December 1, 2008. This completion date is contingent upon an approval of the proposal by August 1, 2008 and the completion of on-site visits no later than October 15, 2008.


CEPI Review Team Membership

The Albemarle County Review Team will be led by Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr., Executive Director of CEPI, and include several former state and local government administrators that collectively have expertise and experience in a range of functional areas including public safety, human services, finance and administration.


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