Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

March 2008



Albemarle County BOS Action Items


David Slutzky

Ken Boyd

Dennis Rooker

Ann Mallek

Sally Thomas

Lindsay Dorrier

        Turning Lane Extension, Route 20/53 A safety improvement project to extend the left turn lane south on Route 20 at the intersection of Route 53 will be constructed this spring.

        Crosswalk at Cale Elementary School School officials have agreed to installation of a crosswalk.  Installation is expected in April.



0064-002-2060, SR04; 0064-002-2060, SR04 (Emergency beam end repair to the east and west bound I-64 bridges over Stockton Creek.)

        Contractor is scheduled to begin work on March 21.  Shoulder closures and periodic lane closures will be required during this work.

ST-7B-08 (Asphalt surface treatment maintenance schedule)


(NFO)PM07-002-228, N501 (Asphalt overly and guardrail upgrade to Rte. 29 NBL from Rte. 699 to Rte. 692)

                                                                                                                        Active Construction Projects

Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

        Route 22 / 250 Intersection Improvements, 0022-002-104, C501

Discussions continue on ways to move the project forward.  These include possible installation by VDOT of traffic control related items such as the signal, signing, pavement markings and guardrail.

Route 631 Meadow Creek Parkway, 0631-002-128, C502, B612, B657                               

Utility relocation work remains ongoing.  Out of 21 total parcels, 18 are clear.  A meeting was held Monday, March 24th with Charlottesville City and School Board representatives to discuss the needed right-of-way and easements.  The matter will be taken before both the City Council and School Board to consider adopting formal resolutions to provide these by donation.  The Storm Water Management (SWM) committee is nearing completion of its design.  The Committee is planning to submit in May to City Council for approval.  Given these outstanding issues, an adjustment to the advertisement date will be necessary.  The project is targeting a late Fall advertisement date.

        Meadow Creek Parkway, U000-104-102 (City portion)

VDOT provided design details to City staff for exhibit being developed for presentation to City

Council as part of SWM design approval process.

        Route 691 Jarmans Gap Road, 0691-002-158, C501  

VDHR concurred on 10-11-2007 that the project will have an effect on the eligible Crozet Historic District and seven contributing resources; however, the effect on the district will not be adverse. Public Hearing approval is pending. Plans are being developed for R/W submittal. Overall coordination with the Crozet streetscape project has started. This includes SWM and drainage. Meeting with streetscape design consultant to be scheduled for early spring.   

        Route 656 Georgetown Road, 0656-002-254, C501

A progress meeting was held with County staff to illustrate proposed impacts to affected parcels. County staff is going to investigate acquiring necessary easements to try and accelerate the project. Additional survey for drainage was ordered and has been completed. County staff is also investigating possible additional existing drainage easements.

        Route 743 Advance Mills Bridge, 0743-002-282 P101, R201, C501, B658 (Permanent Replacement Project)  A community meeting was held March 20, 2008, to provide an update regarding the reduced scope, timeline, and work planned for Durrett Ridge Road.  March accomplishments include geology and archaeological survey work along with the beginning of the NEPA coordination, which pertains to the environmental documents.  Also, a consulting party meeting as part of the Section 106 process was held March 20th.  A goal has been established to conduct a Public Hearing on the proposed design during the timeframe of late June/early July.




Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System




Traffic Engineering

Albemarle - Completed









Albemarle Being reviewed







Rt 729

Rt 53 to 618

Speed study

TE reviewing; analyzing data & compiling report

Rt  618

Rt 53 to 620

Speed study

TE reviewing; analyzing data & compiling report

Rt 805

@ 601

Safety review

Signing and traffic pattern changes pending.

Rt 250


Two way left turn lane  (Safety, access and pavement marking review)

Possible field modifications being drafted.

Rt 29

Hollymead to Proffitt

Pavement marking review; request lane shift

Possible field modifications being drafted.

Rts 631/743

Rio & Hydraulic

Pedestrian Study

TE Reviewing

















Maintenance work completed

         Patching operations completed on Routes 600 (Campbell), 612 (Hammocks Gap), 618 (Jefferson

Mill), 637 (Blacks), 640 (Gilbert Station), 648 (Clarks Tract), 649 (Proffitt), 657

(Lambs), 661 (Reas Ford), 664 (Markwood), 665 (Millington), 686 (Paddock Wood), 691 (Greenwood),

702 (Reservoir), 731 (Keswick), 737 (Mtn Vista), 743 (Earlysville), 744 (Hacktown), 1075 (Shagbark),

1499 (Westfield)

633 (Heards Mtn), (Spring Valley), 636 (Batesville), 637 (Dickwoods), 640 (Gilbert Station),

641 (Burnley Station), 643 (Rio Mills), 645 (Wildon Grove), 646 (Lovers Ln), 662 (Bleak House),

668 (Walnut Level), 671 (Wesley Chapel), 672 (Via), 673 (Breakheart), 689 (Pounding Creek),

691 (Castle Rock), 695 (Crown Orchard), 700 (Watts Farm), 713 (Glendower), 717 (Secretarys Sand),

722 (Old Green Mtn), 725 (Dawsons Mill), 736 (White Mtn), 737 (Mountain Vista), 747 (Preddy

Creek), 766 (Pea Ridge), 769 (Rocky Hollow), 774 (Bear Creek), 795 (Blenheim), 812 (Jim Lane),

825 (Yancey Mill Ln)

         Mowing on Routes 22, 53, 231, 1068 (Southern Hill)

         Cleared pipes and ditch work on Routes 29, 600 (Watts Passage), 635 (Craigs Store), 640

(Gilbert Station), 663 (Buck Mtn), 684 (Lane Town), 691 (Greenwood), 736 (Pughs Store), 772

(Blufton), 776 (Tilman), 810 (White Hall), 854 (Carrsbrook), 1124 (Villaverde), 1201 (Blue Ridge),

1321 (Terrell), 1412 (Bennington), 1427 (Northfield), 1428 (Huntington), 1484 (Vincennes), 1487

(Vincennes Ct)

627 (Frys Path), 631 (Old Lynchburg), 635 (Craigs Store), 637 (Dickwoods), 640

(Gilbert Station), 641 (Burnley Station), 662 (Bleakhouse), 675 (Lake Albemarle), 676 (Owensville),

694 (Miller Lake), 702 (Reservoir), 706 (Dudley Mtn), 708 (Red Hill), 738 (Morgantown), 759

(Three Chopt), 850 (Chris Greene Lake), 1301 (Byrd), 1439 (Westmoreland), 1721 (Timberwood Blvd)


Planned Maintenance work APRIL 2008



Maintenance Budget

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