TO:                 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

FROM:            David B. Benish, Chief of Planning

DATE:             December 19, 2007

RE:                 County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements



The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on December 4, 2007, reviewed the draft Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements and provided the following comments to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. 


o              The Commission generally supported the Strategic Priorities, particularly priorities #2 through   #11, which are focused primarily on roads located in the designated Development Area.  In addition:

      -It is encouraged that Jarman’s Gap Road to be placed as the highest possible priority for construction; 

      -the Board should consider providing greater emphasis on roads serving the southern Urban Area (relative to the priority for Proffit Road).                                                                                                                          


o              The Board should strongly consider discontinuing the paving of Rural Area roads and reallocate the road paving funds to priority projects in the Development Area (such as Meadow Creek Parkway).  The concern is that expenditures of funds on projects within the Rural Area is not consistent with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and facilitates continued development in the Rural Area.  The Commission added the caveat that road paving could be done in the Rural Area on unpaved roads that are an undue and unreasonable safety risk to residents.


o              If the Board is serious about protecting the Rural Area, it will need to address the amount of development permitted in the Rural Area under the current zoning ordinance to minimize the growth that is creating pressure from the public for infrastructure improvements in the Rural Area. It is unacceptable to establish goals to protect the Rural Area and then allow by-right development in the Rural Area that exacerbates the infrastructure needs and that makes existing conditions more dangerous.  The zoning provisions for the Rural Area should be consistent with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.



Staff has provided some additional background information regarding the Commission’s recommendation in the second bullet (above) to reallocate unpaved road funds. “Secondary Unpaved Road Funds” are distributed to each locality by a formula based in part on the total amount of unpaved roads within the locality (as per State Code).  The funds are intended to be used to pave unpaved roads only.  However, Unpaved Road Funds can be transferred to regular construction projects with a penalty imposed on future Unpaved Road Fund allocations.  For every $250,000 (or portion thereof) of Unpaved Road Funds transferred to regular construction projects, the amount of the County’s unpaved roads used in the formula to distribute funds in subsequent years will be reduced by one mile.  The County has just over 200 miles of unpaved roads.  The projected Unpaved Road Fund allocation for FY 08-09 is approximately $640,000.  Staff did advise the Commission that the implementation of this recommendation would reduce the amount of Unpaved Road Funds distributed to the County in future.


The Board is scheduled to hold a work session on this item on January 9, 2008, and a public hearing on February 13, 2008. 



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