Proposed Joint City/County Work Session on

Regional Transit Opportunities and Challenges

DRAFT Agenda


I.                   Welcome: Overview of Background, Work Session Goals, and Expected Outcomes (15 minutes total)


The purpose of this work session is to solicit direction from decision makers regarding the extent to which regional transit should be further developed for this area.  The work session is intended to:


1.      Inform participants about work to date and recommendations from the MPO Policy Board.

2.      Engage in group discussions about the regional transit investment and governance required to meet future needs.

3.      Collaboratively reach a consensus regarding the preferred governance and level of service.

4.      Identify specific questions and concerns about consensus decisions to be addressed through further detailed study.


II.                Brief Review of Regional Transit Authority Vision and Working Methods (approximately ½  hour total)


1.      Review of  Regional Vision for Transit and Project Activities To Date :

Vision:  The Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Transit Authority will provide fast, frequent, dependable, and seamless transit service throughout the area.

Overview - Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Study The purpose of the RTA Study is to examine three core elements for establishing a regional transit authority: management and governance, service and operations, and cost estimation and funding (operating and capital). The project includes a fourth task that addresses the development of a transition and cost allocation plan, once a service strategy and preferred governance structure are selected.

2.      Identifying Transit Supportive Corridors and Areas:  “Where will our ridership come from?”  Discuss the corridors and development areas that may have greater potential for the use of transit.

3.      Potential Service Strategies:  “What scale of service should we provide?”  Discuss the varying scales of service that could be provided in the future. 

4.      Regional Transit Management and Governance: “What type of management and governance would best meet our regional transit needs?”  Discuss the types, composition and authority of different institutional structures that could serve as the regional transit organization, as well as any legislative actions that may be required, and the additional revenues, if any, that may be available with each. 


III.             Public Comment Period:  each person will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes (approximately 15 minutes total)


IV.              Open Discussion (approximately 1 hour total)


V.                 BREAK (10 minutes total)


VI.              Identify Next Steps:  ( ½  hour total) Building upon the group consensus decisions, the consultant will move forward to develop the next round of work products to include a staffing plan, service standards, and a cost estimation and funding proposal.  This information will be brought back before the group for a decision in late Spring 2008.  A cost allocation and implementation plan will be the final work product in this study. 


VII.           Public Comment Period:  each person will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes (approximately 15 minutes total)


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