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TO:                 Charlottesville City Council (Meeting January 7, 2008), and

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (Meeting January 9, 2008)

FROM:                        Melissa Barlow, Director of Transportation Programs

DATE:             December 20, 2007

RE:                  Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Plan Discussion


The RTA Study examines three core elements for establishing a regional transit authority:  management and governance, service and operations, and cost estimation and funding (operating and capital).  The major goal of the RTA Study is to determine how best to implement the adopted transit vision for the Charlottesville–Albemarle region.  Three reports and one addendum are attached for your review.  These reports form the foundation upon which the RTA study will proceed. 


1.       Task 1a and 1b Report - Regional Transit Management and Governance – This report identifies a broad range of transit governance options.  Some of the governance options include the ability to generate revenue or to add UVA, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, or JAUNT as a member; some are permitted currently, while others would require General Assembly action.

2.       Task 2a and 2c Report - Transit Supportive Corridors and Areas - This report summarizes existing and likely near-term conditions and identifies a broad range of transit service options, looking at eight factors that influence transit potential.

3.       Task 2b, 2d, and 2e Report - Transit Service Strategies - This report outlines four potential Service Options for expanding the baseline transit service.  The primary purpose of this report is to illustrate how different options for expanded transit services might be operated within the Charlottesville - Albemarle area.

4.       Addendum - Transit Service Strategies – At the request of the MPO Policy Board, this addendum to the Service Strategies report closes the transit “loop” by adding a more direct service connecting the Pantops area with the northern portions of the Route 29 corridor, service on Rio Road east of Belvedere, and more frequent service on the CTS routes operated in the City of Charlottesville.


These reports are intended to facilitate discussion about the potential scale of services and governance that policymakers and the public wish to pursue, and the likely level of investment needed.  The selected strategies will guide development of more detailed plans for implementation, cost-sharing, phasing, etc.  Frank Spielberg, the lead consultant for the project, and Harrison Rue, TJPDC Executive Director, will be presenting and facilitating discussion.


The MPO Policy Board discussed the above reports and adopted the attached resolution, summarizing the service and governance options on which the group would like to focus.  This resolution represents the commitment to transit that the MPO Policy Board would like to see this region pursue. 


We would like you to be prepared to provide your comments and questions regarding the reports at your respective meetings on January 7th and 9th, however no action is requested of the Board or Council at this time.  Rather, a combined workshop is being planned within six weeks to provide a forum for answering any questions that you provide, and to enable collaborative discussion to occur between the City and the County to reach a consensus to guide and focus future work products from the study.  A draft agenda for that proposed joint work session is attached for your review and input.


Draft Resolution of Consensus of Scope for Regional Transit Authority

Draft Agenda for Joint Work Session

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