Attachment C


July 20, 2007




Neal R. Deputy, Architect

134 10th Street, NW, #1

Charlottesville, VA 22903


RE:      ARB-2007-55: Montessori Community School (Tax Map 78, Parcel 12A)


Dear Mr. Deputy:


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board, at its meeting on July 2, 2007 completed a preliminary review of the above-noted request. The ARB offered the following comments for the applicant’s next submittal. Please note that the following comments are those that have been identified at this time.  Additional comments may be added or eliminated based on further review and changes to the plan.


1.       Revise the design of the classroom building to be compatible with the forms and features of the significant historic buildings of the County and, particularly, the on-site administration building.  The administration building does not need to be replicated.  Bring some elements of the administration building (such as brick banding) into the new buildings to make them more vernacular.

2.       Regarding the materials: The color of the wood paneling could be a weathered gray or something else that is not as stark and contrasting.  The concrete itself should have a parged look to it or textured concrete, or possibly stucco that would have a color that would be complimentary to the color of the paneling that they have used. The applicant should provide several alternatives to the proposed finish.  One suggestion made was that the fence be painted rather than using an oil base for longevity.

3.       Provide a landscape plan with complete plant schedule keyed to individual plants, with plant sizes, quantities, and all standard plant information. Indicate the height of the overhead electric line and indicate on the plan the associated easement. Provide large shade trees along the frontage, outside the easement. Spacing of the large shade trees may differ from the standard 35’ on center EC spacing, but size and quantity guidelines should be met.

4.       Revise the site plan to clearly show the extent of landscaping included in Phase 1 construction.

5.       Revise the proposed grading to be held outside the dripline of all trees to remain. Revise the plan to include complete tree preservation information, including a conservation checklist and all the checklist information. Show coordinated tree protection fencing on the grading, landscape, and E&S plans.

6.       Revise the concrete site wall to a material that coordinates with existing primary building materials on site and that has an appropriate appearance for the EC. Revise the plan to show the following segment of chain link fence removed and replaced with a wood fence: The existing chain link fence on the west side of the site that extends from the southwest corner of the site 160’ north to the “wooded area to remain” as shown on the concept plan.

7.       Revise the plan to clearly show all work included in Phase 1 construction, including the extent of new fencing to be constructed.

8.       Coordinate the architectural and site plans regarding the location of the colonnade as it relates to the classroom building.

9.       Submit site sections to show what will actually be seen from the EC. Additional comments will be provided after the extent of visibility is determined. 

10.   The ARB noted that this review and comments are limited to Phase 1.

11.   The fence should be included in Phase 1.

12.   There was not a consensus concerning the roof.  Several members felt the proposed shed roof was fine, but it has to be tied into the vernacular and not look quite as contemporary.  Other ARB members preferred a gabled or shed roof sloping the other way due to the appearance from the EC.


Submittal items (8 copies) for an August 6 work session are due in our office by July 27. For continued ARB review following the work session, please note that application forms, checklists and schedules are available on-line at


Revised drawings addressing the comments listed above are required. Include updated ARB revision dates on each drawing. Please provide a memo including detailed responses indicating how each comment has been addressed.  If changes other than those requested have been made, identify those changes in the memo also. Highlighting the changes in the drawing with “clouding” or by other means will facilitate review and approval.


If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please feel free to call me.






Margaret Maliszewski

Principal Planner


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