Attachment D


August 17, 2007


Neal R. Deputy Architects

134 Tenth Street, North West #1

Charlottesville, VA 22903


RE:       ARB2007-00055 Montessori School

            Tax Map 78, Parcel 12A


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board, at its meeting on August 6, 2007, held a work session on ARB 2007-00055. The ARB had the following comments:


1.       The ARB members noted that the proposed building design was still not compatible with the existing structures on site or the historic architecture of the County. The building makes no response to the corner or to the terminus of the lawn. The building has a modern form. The windows lack depth and the character of historic windows.

2.       The ARB discussed the possibility of using landscaping to screen the building from the EC if the applicant did not want to revise the design.  Staff pointed out the potential of setting a poor precedent. 

3.       Of the three siding finishes proposed, the weathered Cedar, the silver gray, seems to be best option. 

4.       Use earth tone trim instead of white trim, including the fascia on the roof line.

5.       The existing junipers should be reconsidered and possibly re-clustered.

6.       More information is needed on whether the meadow mix will look appropriate as opposed to weedy.

7.       The ARB members indicated that they would take another look at the site to determine if the existing chain link fence should be replaced during Phase 1, or if it could wait until a future phase. They would provide their recommendation to staff at the next meeting. 


You may submit your application for continued ARB review at your earliest convenience.  Application forms, checklists and schedules are available on-line at


Revised drawings addressing the comments listed above and those from the preliminary review held on July 2, 2007 are required.  Include updated ARB revision dates on each drawing. Please provide a memo including detailed responses indicating how each comment has been addressed.  If changes other than those requested have been made, identify those changes in the memo also. Highlighting the changes in the drawing with “clouding” or by other means will facilitate review and approval. If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please feel free to call me.





Margaret Maliszewski

Principal Planner


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