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February 27, 2007


Neal R. Deputy Architect

134 Tenth Street, North West #1

Charlottesville, VA 22903


RE:      ARB-2006-140: Montessori Community School - Advisory Review for a Special Use Permit

(Tax Map 78, Parcels 12A and 12A1)


Dear Mr. Deputy:


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board, at its meeting on February 5, 2007, completed an advisory review of the above-noted request to amend a Special Use Permit to allow for the construction of permanent classroom buildings to replace existing modular classrooms for 40,700 square feet of total building area on a 6.71 acre site.


The Board by a vote of 3:0 forwarded the following recommendation to the Planning Commission:


The ARB offers the following comments and recommended conditions on the SP:

1.       There is insufficient information to comment on architectural design, compatibility of scale, or the impact of blankness in building design on the EC.

2.       Regarding fencing:

a.       Remove the existing chain link and wooden fence that parallels the EC and remove the length of chain link fence on the west side of the site that extends from the southwest corner of the site 160’ north to the “wooded area to remain” shown on the concept plan; and

b.       Add a black picket style fence, or alternate style fence as approved by the ARB, along the side of the site that parallels the EC, and extend it from the southwest corner of the site 160’ north to the “wooded area to remain” shown on the concept plan, and

c.       This fence removal and replacement shall be completed as part of Phase 1 construction or by the end of August 2008, whichever is sooner.

3.       Regarding the inconsistencies in the submittal regarding landscaping:

a.       Coordinate the proposal regarding the wooded area at Building E; clarify if the trees in this area as to remain or are to be replaced.

b.       Include in each phase of construction the proposed landscaping adjacent to the area of construction.

4.       No building shall be constructed higher than the existing administration building.


You may submit your application for preliminary ARB review at your earliest convenience. Application forms, checklists and schedules are available on-line at


If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please feel free to call me.




Margaret Maliszewski

Principal Planner

Planning Division


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