ZMA 2004-22 Treesdale Park



Request to rezone approximately 6.6 acres on Tax Map 61, Parcels 182, 183, and 183A from R-4,  Residential to PRD, Planned Residential




Cilimberg, Echols






December 12, 2007


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OWNER/APPLICANT: Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP), represented by Mike Fenner of the Cox Company and Joyce Dudeck of AHIP.



On November 13, 2007 the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Treesdale rezoning.   This public hearing followed three worksessions that were held between 2004 and 2007. 


At the hearing, the Planning Commission recommended approval conditioned upon the following:


  1. Provision of extra landscaping at the property lines and along Rio Road.
  2. Provision of terraced walls where high retaining walls are currently shown on the application plan.  Since areas of critical slope will be disturbed, trees should be replanted in this area.
  3. Provision of enhanced erosion and sediment control measures.
  4. Provision that, if parking waivers are provided, the parking lots shown near the adjoining property can be eliminated or adjusted along with adjustment of proposed grading shown on the application plan.
  5. Removal of the proffer for blasting.


The Planning Commission also said that architectural commitments are not necessary and that a critical slopes waiver was not granted with the recommendation for approval. The Commission said that it would like to review and act on the site plan.  At that time, the Commission can act on the critical slopes waiver.  There were also minor wording changes needed to the proffers.  They included the need for clarification of the improvements needed for the interconnection to the adjoining parcel, commitments to construct improvements for a signal at Pen Park Lane and Rio Road if the adjoining parcel does not develop, and providing for the opportunity for the greenway trail to be placed on the adjoining parcel.  Staff also needed to see an executed agreement with the adjoining owner for access across their property to Pen Park Lane and off-site grading.


Attachment I contains the action memo of the Commission from November 13, 2007.  Attachment II is the staff report reviewed by the Planning Commission.  Attachment III is the current application plan and Attachment IV contains the current proffers.



Since the Planning Commissionís meeting, the applicant has modified the proffers and plan to respond to the Commissionís recommendations.  The applicant has provided for extra landscaping and screening, committed to use enhanced erosion and sediment control measures and removed the blasting proffer.  The other two items -- the retaining walls and parking area Ė relate to each other.  A reduction in parking spaces can only take place at the site plan stage.  If a waiver to provide fewer parking spaces is provided by the Zoning Administrator, then the retaining walls can be diminished.  If the waiver is not granted and the parking lot is needed, the Planning Commission will still review the site plan and will need to grant a critical slopes waiver.  Terracing of the slopes can be addressed as part of the critical slopes waiver.  So the Commission will have control over the adjustment of grading and terracing at that time.  Staff has seen a copy of an agreement that is pending between the owner of the adjoining parcel and AHIP.


At this time, the proffers are in legal form for adoption.  There are no technical or substantive issues outstanding, other than staff receipt of a signed agreement between AHIP and the adjoining owner.



Staff recommends approval of ZMA 2004-22 inclusive of the application plan dated November 20, 2007, the proffers dated December 12, 2007, signed December 3, 2007.




ATTACHMENT I:            Planning Commission Action Memo for November 13, 2007

ATTACHMENT II:           Staff Report dated November 13, 2007

ATTACHMENT III:          Application Plan dated November 20, 2007

ATTACHMENT IV:         Proffers dated December 12, 2007 signed December 3, 2007

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