Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) BRAC Relocation Program




Update on status of the DIA/BRAC relocation program involving the Rivanna Station facility in Albemarle County




Messrs. Tucker, Elliott, Graham; Ms. Catlin and

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November 7, 2007


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As a result of the federal Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC) Program, federal military and civilian employees from workgroups associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency will be reassigned from facilities in northern Virginia and Washington, DC to a consolidated location in Albemarle County to co-locate with the existing National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC).  BRAC legislation requires that all actions associated with BRAC relocations must be completed by September 15, 2011.  While all details of this relocation are not finalized, there is some information that can be shared about the expansion program and community response to date.  Additional details are still emerging and will be passed along to the Board as soon as they are available.




Enhance Quality of Life - By June 30, 2010, the County will continue to maintain a strong and sustainable economy; increase the economic vitality of the County's development areas; and increase the ability of those individuals and families, who are living in lower income households, to become self-sufficient.




The County has been aware for some time that there would be an expanded presence of federal employees at the National Ground Intelligence Center as a result of the BRAC program, and details have emerged during ongoing meetings with project managers that are important to share with the Board of Supervisors at this point.    Relocations can place significant demands on infrastructure, facilities and services of a receiving community, so this discussion outlines the known facts associated with the DIA BRAC relocation and also discusses the response plan that is in place to make sure our community is aware of and preparing to respond appropriately to any impacts of the expansion. 


The effective and proven approach is for potentially affected communities to undertake relocation management in partnership with the military installation, which is what is underway for the DIA/BRAC program.  Staff is focused on the following priorities:




DIA/BRAC Relocation Basic Facts: (please note that dates are preliminary and are subject to change)



Community Response to Date:


A DIA/BRAC Relocation Advisory Group has been meeting for some months to understand and quantify the anticipated expansion, to identify local, state and federal resources that may be available to assist with impacts, and to create an environment of support to accommodate the expansion.  The group is comprised of representatives from the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce and the Piedmont Workforce Network along with economic/business development and community relations staffs from Albemarle and surrounding counties.  This group will be reporting on a regular basis to the TJPDC.


The Advisory Group has several work groups to focus on specific issue areas including community relations, transportation, childcare and education, housing and development, and workforce/economic development.  Once more specific information about the relocating employees is available, including housing preferences, family composition, etc., this group will perform a comprehensive needs assessment and formulate a plan to respond to anticipated impacts while maintaining the quality of life for existing residents in affected areas.


Several projects are underway by the group including development of a website and education materials to present local information and resources to employees whose jobs will be relocated and planning for a series of community town hall meetings in the northern Virginia/Washington, DC area once the specific DIA work groups have been identified and informed.


Albemarle County has received a $401,000 grant from the Virginia Military Strategic Response Fund to help support the purchase of aerial firefighting apparatus for the Hollymead community, which includes the existing NGIC facility. The grant will allow for the purchase of a ladder truck which has a total cost of $1,084,000. The remainder of the funds for the truck’s purchase are allocated in the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. The Strategic Response Fund was established by the Virginia General Assembly in 2006 to “assist impacted Virginia localities in funding needs associated with implementing and responding to recommendations of the BRAC Commission”. 


Once additional demographic information is available from the employee survey and a needs assessment is underway, all relevant materials will be shared with affected groups and their input will be sought as appropriate.




Potential budget impacts related to the DIA/BRAC Relocation program are not known at this time but will be developed as more detailed information becomes available.



There is no action required by the Board of Supervisors at this time.


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