Work Session:

 CPA 2004-002 Pantops Master Plan – Work session to discuss the preliminary draft recommendations and maps of the Pantops Master Plan. (Rebecca Ragsdale)

 In summary, the Planning Commission held an informational work session to discuss and get input on  the preliminary elements of the Pantops Master Plan, which include Public Input Themes and Preliminary Recommendations, the Framework Plan (Land Use), Green Infrastructure Plan, and Transportation Plan. Staff presented a power point presentation to introduce the draft Pantops Master Plan and that included a suggested approach for the Planning Commission to review the Master Plan. This was the first of a series of three work sessions that the Planning Commission would discuss the preliminary draft Pantops Master Plan.  This first work session provides a broader overview on the plan elements goals, including a review of the guiding principles that the public established as part of the master plan process.  Staff presented the history of the planning process and what the next steps would be following this series of three work sessions. Staff asked for the Commission’s initial reaction to the work session approach. The Commission reviewed the preliminary draft plan and maps and provided comments and suggestions such as that staff provide them with larger 11” X 17” maps.  The next work session will be held next week on August 29. The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m. in Room #235. 

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