Hollymead Town Center Area A-2

Changes Requested by the Planning Commission

At their July 24, 2007 Public Hearing



  1. Provide cash proffers in an acceptable form as outlined by staff.   Done
  2. The cost of the impact is expected to be $11,853,200; no longer relevant
  3. Provide credits of $1,575,000, bringing the total cash proffer for impacts to $10, 278,200;  no longer relevant
  4. Make all other proffer changes identified by staff as having been verbally agreed to by the applicant; done
  5. Provide phasing in the proffers, to be approved by staff; no longer relevant
  6. Include all other proffers that exist in Exhibit F to the staff report;  done
  7. Provide an erosion and sediment control proffer similar to, but not less than the one approved for Area A-1 indicating the amount of area that can be disturbed at any given time; done, except that Biscuit Run proffers are more restrictive than HTC A-1 proffers and the applicant has provided proffers similar to Biscuit Run.
  8. Commit that all mixed use buildings will be LEED certified.  The Commission does not support the LEED certification as a credit.   done
  9. Make the following changes:

         Take out the cash buyout in the affordable housing proffer; done

         Change the proffer for completing Meeting Street and Town Center so that they are not bonded for completion but will be completed within a year of approval of the rezoning; done

         Clarify the proffers regarding the community park; done

         Clarify the amount of land proffered for the recycling center; done

         Amend the Code to reflect changes identified by staff; done

         Change the application plan to show the required cross sections or design for Meeting Street south of Town Center Drive. done


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