ZMA 05-15 Hollymead Town Center (HTC) Area A-1

SP 2005-027, Drive-up Window for a Bank



Request to rezone 31 acres from RA to PDMC to allow for 278,000 square feet of office retail.


Request for a special use permit for a drive-up window for a bank.



Cilimberg, Echols






September 12, 2007





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On June 13, 2007, the Board of Supervisors reviewed the HTC A-1 requests for rezoning and a special use permit, held a public hearing, and deferred action so that the project could be considered in conjunction with the review of HTC A-2.  On August 8, 2007, the Board discussed phasing of HTC A-1 (all commercial) with HTC A-2 (mixed residential and commercial).  The majority of the Board of Supervisors concluded that it was not necessary for A-1 and A-2 to be phased together and that the proposed phasing of A-2 was acceptable. 



The application plan for Hollymead Town Center Area A-1 is provided in Exhibit 1.  Exhibit 2 contains the signed proffers.  Exhibit 1 is the same information provided for the Board at the June 13, 2007 meeting and the August 8, 2007 meeting.  As the Board may remember, these exhibits and the special use permit for the bank drive-through essentially were ready for approval at the June 13, 2007 meeting.   However, since June 13, several areas of refinement and coordination between proffers for HTC A-1 and HTC A-2 have been necessary.  Proffers to complete, not just bond completion of Meeting Street have been changed to match HTC A-2 proffers.  Provision for a connection to Willow Glen has also been included in A-1 proffers.


The most significant change to the proffers, however, has been to erosion and sediment control standards.  Through the Planning Commission process, the applicant proffered in Area A-1 to provide a higher level of control than the state requires because of the amount of disturbance that already exists at the site.  The applicant provided language which was acceptable to the reviewing engineer.  


In the final review of the proffers, several staff members noted the difference in standards being proffered for Hollymead Town Center and for Biscuit Run.  Staff believes that the Biscuit Run proffers provide the higher level of erosion and sediment control and have asked the applicant to provide language similar to Biscuit Run in their signed proffers.  The proffers included in Exhibit C contain this language which is supported by staff.


One issue that has arisen in the completion of this Executive Summary is coordination of the wording between proffers for HTC A-1 and HTC A-2 relating to the completion of Town Center Drive to Dickerson Road and the Willow Glen connection.  Changes to the Willow Glen proffer on the final signed proffers for HTC A-2 received on Sept. 5 have not yet been approved by the County Attorney’s office.  If the County Attorney says that changes to the wording for HTC A-2 are needed, it may affect wording on the HTC A-1 proffers.  Staff will report on this issue at the Board Meeting. 



If the County Attorney’s office approves HTC A-1 and HTC A-2 proffer wording for the Town Center Drive to Dickerson Road, staff recommends approval of the rezoning with the application plan dated May 23, 2007 and proffers dated September 4, 2007.


Staff recommends approval of the special use permit for drive-in windows for a bank shown on the application plan with the following condition:


1.  There shall be no more than three (3) drive-in windows (lanes) including any to be used for an ATM.




EXHIBIT 1:  Application Plan for Hollymead Town Center Area A-1 dated May 23, 2007

EXHIBIT 2:  Proffers for Hollymead Town Center Area A-1 dated September 4, 2007 (signed September 5,2007)

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