Albemarle County Planning Commission

January 31, 2006



Biscuit Run Rezoning Work Sessions:



o        Staff asked the Commission how they wanted to handle work sessions following that meeting.  The applicant has suggested one approach and staff has suggested another.  Structurally, staff asked if there is one of the approaches that the Commission prefers over the other so they could be working towards that.


§         The Commission reviewed staff’s and the applicant’s proposed work session agendas (See Attachment B – Biscuit Run (Fox Ridge) Meeting Agenda dated January 12, 2006) and asked that the order of discussion items be changes as follows:


v      Work Section I:  Conformity with the Comprehensive Plan in General (Big Picture Discussion)

v      Work Section II:  Transportation

v      Work Section III and subsequent ones: Stepping through the Neighborhood Model with staff making sure they cover what is needed as part of that.


§         In response to those invited to participate, staff’s approach would be that the first work session be informational with specific invitation given to the City and Scottsville Planning Commission as previously requested by the Commission.  But, beyond that everybody is welcome to come since it is a public hearing.


§         The location of the first work session was discussed. The Commission wanted to meet at COB Fifth Street, but staff indicated that there were some potential conflicts.  The Commission wanted to find an appropriate conference room for the work session to facilitate the discussion.  Council members questioned whether the University may be a potential location and Julia Monteith noted that may be possible, offering to follow up on the options.  The room has to have the availability to have about 20 people seated and facing each other and also have the ability for staff to do the recording of the people talking.


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