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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report




Albemarle County BOS Action Items



***BRIDGE ISSUES:  Mr. David Pearce, VDOT, Culpeper District Bridge Engineer will be attending the September 5th Board of supervisors meeting to give a presentation on bridge conditions in Albemarle County.***


David Slutzky

Ken Boyd


Dennis Rooker

Dave Wyant


Sally Thomas


Lindsay Dorrier


Construction                                                                                                       Active Construction Projects

Rte. 742 (Avon St. Ext.) from Rte. 20 to 0.4 miles north of Rte. 1150:  Paving marking to accommodate turn lanes, stop bars and incidental marking remain to complete this section.

Contractor is scheduled to begin trench widening Rte. 654 (Barracks Road) on 8-29 with paving to begin the following week.  Trench widening will be accomplished during the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and paving to be accomplished during the hours of 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  Contractor is also scheduled to begin Rte. 29 NBL from Rte. 649(Proffit Road) to the Greene County line on 8-29.  This work will be accomplished during the hours of 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM.


Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

R/W is currently being negotiated and utilities have started to be relocated.  VDOT, Albemarle County and Luck Stone met on July 20, 2007 to follow up discussions on the construction funding for this project.  Luck Stone has received plans for the project and is currently reviewing them.  VDOT will begin to draft a Memorandum of Agreement for the project and Luck Stone will determine if they will construct the project.  A meeting for these two items is scheduled for September

The right-of-way phase continues on this project.  Of 20 total parcels, 15 have either approved appraisals or offers made.  Six (6) offers have been accepted, one (1) offer has been refused, and eight (8) are pending.  Four (4) appraisals are awaiting plan revisions, and one (1) appraisal is not completed.  Significant issues in this phase involve the Wetsel parcels, the CATEC property and City of Charlottesville property.

Project funding update:  Additional funding as a result of HB 3202 has enabled the city to fully fund this project.  The most significant remaining issue is formal city agreement to provide temporary easements for construction of the project.

The survey has been updated to reflect recent development along the project.  The design team is waiting on decisions by DHR/CR and Albemarle County for clearance on the impact statement for the “Tea Room” property.  Once the property has been cleared, completion of design revisions will proceed.

A scoping meeting was held August 15, 2007, involving VDOT, Albemarle County staff and Board Member, Mr. Dennis Rooker.  Issues brought forward were sidewalk width, crosswalk locations, the current design speed of the roadway, drainage issues, right-of-way and utilities.  It has been clarified by Culpeper District design staff that the design speed is adequate and no roadway modifications will be necessary to accommodate the sidewalk.  A right-of-way and utility phase will be required.  Next steps will be development of preliminary plans for use in a public meeting to be held in early 2008.

Aerial survey is scheduled to be available in October 2007.

Consultant design services have been secured for this project.  Preliminary baseline survey information

work is being collected by VDOT survey crews.  An additional parallel alignment has been added to the

two (2) existing alternatives.  A citizen information meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday,

October 11, 2007, at Spring Hill Baptist Church on Fray’s Mill Road.  The time will be from 5:00 PM to

7:00 PM.


The monthly update to the rural rustic program is attached to this report.



Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System






Traffic Engineering

Albemarle - Completed







Rt 742 & 1150 (Avon & Mill Creek)


Painted crosswalk

Not recommended; does not comply with ADA

Rt 631 (Rio & Rt 29)


Reevaluation or removal of no U turn signs

Signs being removed & replaced with “U-turn must yield to right turn” sign





Albemarle – Being reviewed








Section of route east and west of entrance to Monticello

Safety and operational review

To install additional warning signs along with pavement messages & rumble strips in Monticello area

1521 (Powell Cr Dr)

Section of route where traffic calming measures installed

Perform follow up evaluation of the effectiveness of the  traffic calming measures

Speed study ongoing.

1090 (Lego Drive)

Entire route

Traffic calming

Final design submitted to County Staff

250 (Ivy Rd)

Near intersection with 682

Review of passing zone on Route 250

Finalizing sketch

250 (Richmond Rd)

I-64 interchange to High/River Rd intersection in Charlottesville

Coordinate signals on this corridor

Project in preliminary stages of scoping and design.  Meeting with City to include signal at Rt 250/High Street.

Rt 688 (Midway)

Off Miller School Road

Review for speed limit posting on un-posted road

TE is reviewing

Rt 29

Between Polo Grounds & Hollymead

Speed limit review

TE is reviewing

Rt 854 (Carrsbrook)

Entire route

Traffic calming

TE is reviewing




Maintenance work completed

Albemarle County

706 (Dudley Mountain Rd). Cold patching on Routes 708 (Dry Bridge Rd), 692 (Plank Rd.), 691

(Jarmans Gap), 29 (Seminole Rd.), 606 (Dickerson Rd.), and 671 (Millington Rd.).  Plant mix on Route 677

(Bloomfield Rd.).

 688 Midway Rd), 814 (Drovers La), 668 (Fox Mountain Rd), 643 (Rio Mills Rd.), 687 (Shiffletts Mill Rd.),

606 (Dickerson Rd.), 641 (Burnley Station Rd.), 746 (Fosters Branch Rd.), 807 (Hawkshill Ln), 633

(Cove Garden), 712 (Plank Rd.), 697 (Sutherland Rd.), 760 (Red Hill School Rd.), 792 (Stump Town Lane),

704 (Fortune Lane), 617 (Rockfish River Rd), 713 (Glendower Rd.), 699 (Boaz Rd.) and 627

(Carters Mountain).

Ridge), 1485 (Randolph Ct.), 631 (Rio Rd.), 670 (Damon Rd.), 631 (Old Lynchburg Rd.), 627

(Carters Mountain).

(Mint Springs Rd.), 637 (Dick Woods Rd.), 250 (Rockfish Gap Tpke.), 660 (Reasford Rd.), 606

(Dickerson Rd.), 643 (Rio Mills Rd.), 671 (Millington Rd.), 664 (Frays Mountain Rd.) 764 (Link Evans Rd),

614 (Garth Rd.), 699 (Boaz Rd.), 632 (Faber Rd.),838 (Lackey Ln.), 841 (Covesville Store Rd.)

837 (Cove School Ln.), 744 (Bear Creek Rd.), 708 (Dry Bridge Rd.), 795 (Presidents Rd.), 642 (Red Hill

Depot Rd.), 713 (Glendower Rd.), 712 (Plank Rd.), 627 (Carters Mountain Rd.) and 20 (Scottsville Rd.).

(Free Union Rd.), 743 (Earlysville Rd.), 665 (Buck Mtn. Rd.), 29 (Seminole Trail), 677 (Bloomfield Rd.), 691

 (Greenwood Rd.), 607 (Free Union Rd.), 22 (Louisa Rd.), 231 (Gordonsville Rd.), 600

(Stoney Point Pass Rd.), 640 (Gilbert Station Rd.), 635 (Miller School Rd.), 738 (Morgantown Rd.),

615 (Lindsay Rd.), 729 (N Milton Rd.), 627 (Carters Mountain), 6 (Irish Rd.), 29 (Monacan Trail Rd.),

726 (James River Rd.), 800 (Schuyler Rd.), 722 (Old Green Mountain), 602 (Howardsville Turnpike),

712 (Coles Rolling Rd.), 250 (Ivy Rd), and 668 (Fox Mountain Rd.).

Town Rd) complete.


Planned Maintenance work – August 2007


Maintenance Budget


Rural Rustic Road Program
VDOT Integrated Directional Signing Program Participation Criteria

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