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          August 15, 2007  


          William M. Letteri, Director of Facilities Development  


         Joseph P. Letteri, Director of Building Services  


          Building Services Complex CIP Project  


I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you on July 24th, to discuss the scope and details of the Building Services Complex CIP Project.  To provide you with additional information regarding the project, the following documents are attached for your review:


                   Attachment 2 includes a summary of School Storage Needs, the Records Retention Schedule No. 21 from the Library of Virginia, which indicates that school records are to be retained for 75 years after the student graduates, as noted in the May 11, 2001 Superintendentís Memorandum, and current pictures of school record storage areas.

                   The cost per square foot that was provided by Rancorn Wildman Architects in the original Planning Study has been verified, and we consider it to be accurate.  The Site Development Plan and estimate by Timmons Group has also been reviewed and verified to be accurate with consideration given to compounded inflation.  Please see Attachment 4.


The Building Servicesí Complex project has evolved over several years and the project presents the unique opportunity to meet the needs of several departments.  This project provides a long-term solution for three departments; two of which are currently utilizing temporary office trailers.


I hope this information is helpful to you.  I am still confident that this is a valuable project that will meet the current and future needs of several departments.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on 975-9340, should you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the Building Services Complex CIP Project.





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