School Support Services Complex




Approval of project




Tucker, Foley, Davis, Letteri






September 5, 2007


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In 2005, the School Division submitted a CIP request to fund the construction of a 36,000 square foot facility on a site adjacent to the School’s Vehicle Maintenance Facility to accommodate a School Warehouse to house student records, testing materials, surplus furniture, Building Services and Child Nutrition Services operations.  Construction of the facility will also allow their School Technology Department (presently housed in a trailer) to occupy the building vacated by Building Services.  In 2007, the project scope was revised to include storage space for general government operations.  Details of the proposed project, totaling $8,730,000, are attached (Exhibit A1).  Project funding was proposed to occur over two fiscal years, with $2,470,000 in 2007/2008 for design and site work, and $5,020,000 in 2008/2009 for the balance of construction. 


At its March 19, 2007 Work Session, the Board of Supervisors deferred action on this item pending additional information from staff, to include clarification of square footage requirements, an analysis of space needs and availability, and the feasibility of combining the School and Local Government IT departments.  The project is now included in our CIP plan for fiscal years 08/09 and 09/10 respectively.  At the time the project was moved to the second year of the CIP, the Board indicated it would consider moving the project back into year one based on the additional information.




This project is consistent with the objectives and goals listed in the school section of the County Community Facilities Plan and goals 4 and 5 of the School Division Strategic Plan.




In recent months, the Facilities Development Director, together with the Building Services Director for the School Division, evaluated anew the background and proposed justification for this project and offer the following observations:










·         Finally, the Board requested information regarding current space utilization.  Over the past five to eight years, the County has developed and utilized space planning standards developed in consultation with our architects to ensure improved space utilization.  Through this process, the County made the decision to purchase the County Office Building - 5th Street facility and prepare renovation to the County Office Building – McIntire.  This analysis and utilization of space planning standards has allowed the County to better utilize current space and ensure that we are planning for future needs to avoid constant, short term and wasteful renovations.  Because of this process, it was clear that the needs planned for the new facility could not be accommodated at the COB - 5th Street or McIntire.  In addition, because the new space was planned to replace substandard trailer and costly rental space, space utilization was less of an issue.  This new facility is designed to address basic needs for which current space is simply not available without a more costly and inefficient approach.


In summary, based upon the above findings, staff believes that this project is justified operationally and represents a reasonable and prudent use of funds.




It is expected that utility costs for the new facility will be $60,000 per year, based on the planned square footage.  These costs will be partially offset by the avoidance of costs associated with the rental of storage facilities and operations of trailer units.  Debt service cost is projected at $ per year. 




Staff recommends approval of the Support Services Complex through our CIP program and that early design efforts include program verification, analysis and confirmation of scope, evaluation of alternative building types, and updated cost estimates.  However, because the County is expecting to need to make reductions to the currently approved CIP due to reduced revenue projections, staff does not feel that moving this facility up to the current fiscal year is prudent.  Through the update of the CIP this fall, staff will be reassessing the CIP overall and considering what projects may need to be reconsidered until our projected revenue picture improves.




Exhibit 1:  2007 CIP Form

Exhibit 2:  August 15, 2007 Memorandum and attachments

Exhibit 3:  June 11, 2007 Memorandum and attachments

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