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          June 11, 2007


          Thomas Foley, Assistant County Executive


         Diane Behrens, Executive Director of Support Services


         Joseph P. Letteri, Director of Building Services  


          Building Services Complex Project   



I am writing to emphasize the importance of the Building Services Department’s CIP request to construct a new warehouse/shop and office complex, and to request the Board of Supervisors to reconsider the postponement of the project.  In addition, Attachment 1 – Project Cost Breakdown, provides additional cost information, which I understand was requested by the Board.


The Building Services’ Complex project has evolved over several years and the project presents the unique opportunity to meet the needs of several departments.  The current situation of each effected department, two of which are currently in temporary office trailers, and the solution that this project brings, is described below.


·    Building Services Office and Shop -13,450 SF; Warehouse/Surplus Storage  - 10,300 SF

The Building Services Department has outgrown its current facility.   Additional office space would allow for parity with other county facilities. Currently, the main office staff consists of 13 full time, permanent staff members.  The maintenance foremen require an additional 6 smaller office spaces.  The custodial supervisors and staff require office and support areas.  The shop/work area at the facility is no longer sufficient to accommodate the growing workload.  The increase in school facilities and staff necessitates increased uniform and product storage for maintenance and custodial needs.  The expansion of the warehouse area is proposed to allow for surplus storage and future growth, as noted in Attachment 2 - Stacking Diagram & Square Footage Chart.  The existing storage sheds and storage areas at the Building Services’ facility that are not utilized by School Technology will continue to be utilized as a work area and storage for the Building Services’ grounds equipment and supplies, or for “reusable” items, as supported by the County’s adoption of Green Principals.


·    Child Nutrition/Food Services Department -3,450 SF

The Child Nutrition Office is currently housed in a temporary office trailer at the Greer school site.  The trailer needs to be relocated prior to the site work for the Greer Elementary School Addition project. The Child Nutrition Department requires approximately 3,500 square feet, which includes some future expansion, and a conference room for large meetings and hiring/interviews that could be shared with Building Services.


·    School Technology Department -3,450 SF

The School Technology Department is currently housed in a temporary office trailer adjacent to the Building Services Department.  They have outgrown their existing space and will continue to grow in both human resources and in physical space needs.  The County Data Center for the WAN is currently located in the Building Services facility and we currently share warehouse and conference/training room space.  As School Technology meets the needs of our students, a significant increase in space is required for training, conference room, repair/workbench area, receiving/storage, server room, and testing room.  Additionally, it is important to note that School Technology does store a great deal of valuable equipment and inventory, and a permanent building could be more resistant to theft.  Therefore, we are proposing that School Technology take over the current Building Services building and the Building Services Department would move to a new facility adjoining the proposed warehouse.  The current Building Services facility would provide a permanent space for the 12 School Technology staff members, storage needs, and the space to accommodate the server/computer area, with the emergency generator. This would also avoid moving the WAN server room and provide adequate space for expansion. 


·    School Records Storage – 11,200 SF

A relatively large amount of school record storage is currently needed to accommodate school records and student testing materials. When the records system is computerized and requires less space, then the record storage area could be used to accommodate media storage for the Albemarle Resource Center (ARC) facility, and possibly the entire ARC.  Due to state testing requirements, the need for paper tests is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.


·    Local Government Records/Warehouse – 7,600

This part of the project was added during the previous CIP cycle, and consists of Local Government Records (3,800 SF) and Local Government Storage Warehouse (3,800 SF).


The project costs may appear high since they reflect the historically high cost of construction in the Charlottesville area, and are escalated in anticipation of the 2008 construction costs.  Additionally, site costs in particular may appear high, due to the topography of the site and the additional storm water requirements for a site in the Watershed for the North Fork Water Supply.  Considering these initial difficulties, we are still confident that this is a valuable project that will meet the current needs of several departments.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on 975-9340, should you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the Building Services Complex CIP Project.




Cc:  Melvin Breeden, Budget Director, OMB



Attachments:   1) Revised Cost Estimate,  May 24, 2007

                      2) Stacking Diagram & Square Foot Chart

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