September 2007



A monthly communications report from the Albemarle County School Board to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


Language Arts Curriculum Framework: The School Board approved the Divisionís Language Arts Vertical Team request for full approval to continue implementation of the new curriculum framework in 2007-08.  A copy of the curriculum framework can be found on the Division website at under the Instruction Department.


History and Social Science Curriculum Framework: The School Board approved the Divisionís History and Social Science Vertical Team request for full approval to continue implementation of the new curriculum framework in 2007-08.  A copy of the curriculum framework can be found on the Division website at under the School Board link.   


School Board/Superintendent Priorities: The School Board completed the three components of its evaluation process: evaluation of School Board and individual School Board members, evaluation of the Superintendentís performance, and the evaluation of the School Board/Superintendent Priorities.  The evaluation of the priorities began on June 29th at the Boardís annual retreat.  Work on the priorities has continued during the July and August Board meetings where focus was around 21st Century workforce needs, the evolving global economy, and the current state of public education.  At its August 23 meeting, the Board adopted its 2007-09 Biennial School Board/Superintendent Priorities.  Attachment 1 is a copy of the priorities.    


Installation of synthetic grass field at Monticello High School Stadium: The administration, coaching staff, community members and Monticello Athletic Boosters are interested in raising funds for the purchase and installation of a synthetic grass field for the stadium field at Monticello High School.  The price of such a field is approximately $800,000, and the Boosters Club is working with Mr. Russ Potts, Forever Green Athletic Fields Incorporated, to raise money.  At the August 9 meeting, the Board discussed the issues surrounding the donations for such a field including costs associated with maintaining the field and commonality among all three comprehensive high schools.      


2007 School Board Legislative Packet: On August 31, the Board will meet with local legislators to discuss their legislative packet for 2007-08.  The legislative issues include: cost-of-competing legislation; No Child Left Behind Funding; Standards of Quality Funding; and school board operations in resolving a large scale disaster.    


Budget Format and Process Improvements: The Superintendent is charged in Policy DB with ďseeing that the annual school funding request is prepared and presented to the Board for adoption. The annual funding request will reflect estimated revenues, sources of these revenues, estimated expenditures, and the planned amounts, which may be spent under each account code.  A subcommittee of Board members was charged to work with staff on developing recommendations for changes to the annual funding request and final budget documents for the Division.  The following recommendations were discussed:


         Add a statistical section at the beginning of the budget manual;

         Change the cost center format;

         Add detail information to include specific metrics such as personnel demographics, funding sources, and some gaps between what the Division pays versus what the State pays for SOQs;

         Add a page of frequently asked budget questions and answers;

         Remove the appendix section of the current book with the reports, and make the report links available from the budget website; and

         Use a biennial budget process in which you have one operational and a planning document for long-range budgeting purposes.


Co-Location and Development of Public Facilities Process:  The School Board received a concept proposal on November 29, 2006, from Dr. Pam Moran that detailed an opportunity to explore a partnership at Albemarle High School with the Jefferson Institute of Lifelong Learning (JILL).  The concept as presented is intended to potentially develop a site and facility model that shifts schools from being created and viewed as primarily PK-12 facilities through a prototype for a 24/7 community Ėschool center concept in this Division. The funding source for this project was anticipated to come from private donations.  To begin the next step of the feasibility case study, staff identified that an architectural fee of $10,000 was needed.  Resolution of funding this fee was the key focus of the summary to the Board of Supervisors by local government staff.  At the meeting on August 1, the Board of Supervisors voted to fund $5,000 of the design work provided that JILL funds the additional $5,000 and that the School Board supports this work moving forward.  At its August 9 meeting, the School Board agreed that the feasibility case study work move forward.     


NCLB Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Update: The School Board received information about the status of Albemarle County schools against No Child Left Behind performance standards. Eighteen schools in the Division met AYP benchmarks on 29 of 29 indicators. The Division met AYP benchmarks on 27 of the 29 indicators. The Division did not meet AYP test benchmarks on 2 of 29 indicators, performance of economically disadvantaged students on both reading and math tests which means that the Division does not make AYP. The superintendent and staff are available to speak with Board of Supervisors individually or as a group to share further detail about how the indicators are measured against the complicated factors used to determine AYP.


September Meetings:  The School Board will hold its regular meetings on September 6 and 27, 2007.  In addition a student conduct meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 24th.   


Joint School Board/Board of Supervisors Retreat: Planning continues for a joint School Board/Board of Supervisors planning retreat meeting on October 19th.  We are looking forward to meeting with you. 





Attachment 1


2007-09 Board/Superintendent Priorities


Goal 1:  Prepare all students to succeed as members of a global community and in a global economy


1.1       The Framework for Quality Learning, the Divisionís curriculum, assessment, and instruction model, is implemented in all classrooms.


1.2       All students embrace rigorous learning through high-level, student-centered work representative of the Divisionís Lifelong Learning Standards.


Goal 2:  Eliminate the Achievement Gap.


2.1       Support all students to meet high expectations for performance and achievement through the consistent implementation of professional learning communities in all schools and departments.


Goal 3:  Recruit, retain, and develop a diverse cadre of the highest quality teaching personnel, staff, and administrators.


3.1       Ensure there is a high-performing, innovative, and creative teacher in every classroom. (Outcome measures for this priority will include desired improvement in diversity and retention metrics.  Strategies will focus on recruitment (including long-term strategies to address an anticipated teacher shortage), hiring practices, compensation, and professional development.)


Goal 4:  Achieve recognition as a world-class educational system.


4.1       A unit of the school division will pilot benchmarking its performance against Baldrige national quality criteria. (Outcome measures for this priority will include completion of an SPQA application.)


Goal 5:  Establish efficient systems for development, allocation, and alignment of resources to support the Divisionís vision, mission, and goals.


5.1       Use feedback/analysis from VCU-CEPI resource utilization study to identify and develop short-term and long-term applications of the study to financial planning including, but not limited to; budgeting, staffing, organizational structures, capital projects, and space/facilities utilization.


5.2       Identify the resources needed to support the Divisionís vision, mission, and goals.


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