Albemarle County Planning Commission

July 31, 2007


The Albemarle County Planning Commission held a meeting, work session and a public hearing on Tuesday, July 31, 2007, at 6:00 p.m., at the County Office Building, Lane Auditorium, Second Floor, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, Virginia.


Members attending were Jon Cannon, Calvin Morris, Vice-Chairman; Marcia Joseph, Chairman; Eric Strucko; Duane Zobrist; Bill Edgerton and Pete Craddock. Julia Monteith, AICP, Senior Land Use Planner for the University of Virginia was present. 


Other officials present were Wayne Cilimberg, Planning Director; Judith Wiegand, Senior Planner; Lee Catlin, Community Relations Manager; Mark Graham, Director of Community Development; David Benish, Chief of Planning and Greg Kamptner, Deputy County Attorney. 


Call to Order and Establish Quorum:


Ms. Joseph called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and established a quorum.


Other Matters Not Listed on the Agenda from the Public:


Ms. Joseph invited comment from the public on other matters not listed on the agenda.  There being none, the meeting moved on to the next item.


Work Session:


Places 29 – Draft Master Plan  (Judy Wiegand)


Chapter 5: Future Land Use and Transportation Framework

Chapter 6: Community Facilities and Services


In summary, a work session on Chapters 5 and 6 of the Places29 Draft Master Plan was held by the Planning Commission.  In a PowerPoint presentation, staff introduced Chapters 5 and 6. The Commission then heard comments from the public. After the public comment, staff presented a series of detailed comments and questions on Chapter 5. The Commission worked with staff on the answers to these questions. The Commission also made comments and suggestions.  No formal action was taken.  The Commission did not finish the review of Chapter 5 or 6 and scheduled another work session on August 28 at 4:00 p.m.


The public comment taken from the speakers is summarized as follows


Forest Lakes South


Commonwealth Circle








Wendell Wood



The Planning Commission made the following comments:


Pages 1 – 2 -


Page 3


Page 8


Page 9



Page 12



Input Re: BOS philosophy? Page 14


Page 14 Table LU1


Transect Table


Page 16


Page 17


Framework Map South


Framework Map North


Page 20


Framework North


TMP 32 -33 (Cliff Fox) -


Area South of Hollymead Town Center


Page 27


Hollymead South Expansion


Piney Mountain Southeast Expansion


Piney Mountain North & East


Piney Mountain West


The Planning Commission will continue discussion of Chapter 6 at the August 28 meeting at 4:00 p.m.


Old Business


Ms. Joseph asked if there was any old business.   There being none, the meeting proceeded.


New Business


Ms Joseph asked if there was any new business. 


·         There will be a 4:00 p.m. work session on August 21 for the Airport Road Limited Partnership.


·         Mr. Strucko will be absent on August 7.


·         Mr. Edgerton and Mr. Morris said that they would be unavailable on August 21.


·         The Commission will finish the review of Chapter 6, Community Facilities and Services on August 28 at 4:00 p.m.  (Mr. Strucko indicated that he would be absent on August 28.)


·         In the newspaper there were two pieces of good information.  Belvedere has committed to being part of the LEED for the neighborhood development pilot program.  It is the only one in all of Virginia.  It ties directly in with the Neighborhood Model.  The other piece of news was the response as represented in the paper that Mr. Dorrier was considering revisiting his opinion on phasing to slow down growth in the Rural Area based on the fact that the most recent survey of citizens said that over 70 percent of the citizens favored phasing as a vehicle.



There being no further items, the meeting proceeded.




With no further items, the meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m. to the Tuesday, August 7, 2007 meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the County Office Building, Second Floor, Auditorium, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, Virginia.



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