Places29 Draft Master Plan



Chapter 1. Introduction

Framework Master Plan, Timeframe, Implementation, Organization of the plan.


Chapter 2. The Vision and Guiding Principles

Vision Statement, 15 Guiding Principles


Chapter 3. Existing Conditions and Future Trends

Demographics, Existing Conditions and Community Structure, Land Use Patterns, Planned Development, Existing and Planned Utilities Infrastructure, Edge Conditions, Historic and Archaeological Resources, Existing and Planned Transportation Network, Existing Traffic Conditions, Economic Framework, Market Analysis (Residential, Retail, Office), Industrial Uses                                                                                       

Chapter 4. Place Types                                                                                                                    

The Structure of Neighborhoods, Center Types, Neighborhoods, Types of Open Space in Centers, Place Types Applied, Defining the Walking Shed of Centers, Relationship to Transect


Chapter 5.  Future Land Use and Transportation Framework                                              5-1

            Introduction                                                                                                                    5-1

            Definitions                                                                                                                      5-2

            Land Use Framework                                                                                                     5-3

                        Land Use Designations                                                                                       5-3

                                    Urban Mixed Use                                                                                   5-3

                                    Employment Mixed Use                                                                          5-3

                                    Commercial Mixed Use                                                                          5-3

                                    Neighborhood Density Residential                                                           5-4

                                    Urban Density Residential                                                                       5-4

                                    Office/Research & Development (R&D)/Flex                                          5-4

                                    Light Industrial                                                                                        5-4

                                    Heavy Industrial                                                                                      5-5

                                    Public Open Space                                                                                 5-5

                                    Semi-Public Open Space/Floodplain/Stream Buffer                                 5-5

                        Land Use Types                                                                                                 5-6

                                    Residential Uses                                                                                     5-6

                                    Commercial and Employment Uses                                                         5-6

                                    Civic Uses                                                                                              5-10

                        Land Use and Transect Tables                                                                            5-10

                                    Mix of Uses within Framework Designations                                           5-11

                                    Building Size and Footprint Requirements                                                5-11

                                    Retail Commercial Size and Specific Use Requirements                           5-12

                                    Limitations Regarding the Business Practices of Some Uses                     5-12

                                    Relationship of Existing and Future Uses                                                  5-13

                        How to Use the Maps and Tables in this Chapter                                                5-13

                                    Example of How to Use the Master Plan Maps and Tables                      5-15

                        Description of the Future Land Use Framework Map                                          5-15

                                    Distribution of Mixed Use Centers                                                          5-17

                                    Distributions of Uses Outside Centers                                                     5-18

                                    Land Use Intensity and Urban Form                                                        5-21

                                                Land Use Intensity                                                                      5-21

                                                Definition of Urban Form                                                            5-21

                                                Transect Zones                                                                           5-22

                                                Transect Map Description                                                           5-23

                                    Key Subareas of the Framework Plan                                                     5-25

                                                Rio Road/US 29 (Midtown)                                                       5-25

                                                Uptown                                                                                      5-26

                                                The University of Virginia Research Park                                     5-27

                                                Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport                                                5-27

                                    Recommended Development Area Boundary Expansions                        5-28

                                    Historical and Cultural Resources                                                            5-29

                        Redevelopment vs. Greenfield Development                                                        5-30

                                    The Economics of Redevelopment                                                          5-30

                                    Opportunity Sites for Redevelopment                                                      5-32

                                                Examples of Opportunity Sites                                                    5-32

                        Areas for Further Study                                                                                      5-34

                                    Areas Recommended for Future Small Area Plans                                   5-34

                                                Rio Road and Us 29 Intersection/Midtown                                  5-35

                                                Airport Road Corridor and Uptown                                            5-35

            Green Infrastructure                                                                                                        5-35

                        Green Infrastructure Map Description                                                                 5-36

                        Public Open Space                                                                                             5-36

                                    Public Parks                                                                                           5-36

                                    Public Indoor Facility                                                                              5-38

                        Greenways and Blueways                                                                                   5-38

                        Semi-Public Open Space and Other Open Space Network Elements                  5-39

                                    100-Year Floodplain                                                                              5-40

                                    Stream Buffers                                                                                        5-40

                                    Forested Buffers along US 29                                                                 5-41

                                    Areas with Steep slopes                                                                          5-41

            Future Transportation Network                                                                                       5-41

                        Assessment that Led to the Master Plan Recommendations                                 5-42

                                    Synopsis of Alternative Analysis                                                              5-43

                        Projections of Future Traffic                                                                                5-47

                        Future Transportation Network                                                                           5-52

                                    Roadway Elements                                                                                 5-53

                                    Transit Elements                                                                                     5-54

                                    Bicycle and Pedestrian Elements                                                             5-54

                        Cross Sections for Key Network Roads                                                             5-58

                                    Approach                                                                                               5-58

                                    Explanation of Concepts behind Cross Sections                                      5-58

                                    Applicability of Context Illustrated in Cross Sections                               5-60

                                    Relationship of Cross Sections to VDOT and County Standards              5-60

                        Description of Cross Sections                                                                             5-61

                                    US 29                                                                                                    5-62

                                    Four-Lane Roadways                                                                             5-62

                                    Two-Lane Roadways                                                                             5-63

                        Potential Transportation Improvements beyond 2025                                          5-64

                                    Potential Roadway Improvements/ Further Study                                    5-64

                                                Eastern Connector                                                                      5-64

                                                Northern Free State Road                                                          5-65

                                    Potential Transit Improvements                                                               5-65

            Chapter 5. Illustrations                                                                                               5-66


Chapter 6. Community Facilities and Services                                                                     

Summary of Community Facilities and Services, Schools, Parks and Recreation Services, Libraries, Fire, Rescue, and Police Services, County Government Administrative Office Building/Services, Solid Waste/Recycling                                                                                        



NOTE:  The final draft of the Master Plan will contain a list of figures.


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