Chain of Title from Faulconer to MeadWestvaco


Deed Book 362, page 287, dated September 22, 1960 conveyed Lot No. 2 on the plat of Carroll Gillispie dated July, August and September from the Executors and Trustees under the will of Percy H. Faulconer to the J. S. Purcell Lumber Corporation. The deed notes that the grantor retains Lot No.1, containing 490 acres shown on the plat. The deed describes the property as 32 separate parcels. These are described in detail in Table A. The plat that is recorded with this deed does not show the individual parcels referenced in the deed.


Deed Book 381, page 236, dated August 27, 1962, conveyed the Faulconer Tract from J. S. Purcell Lumber Corporation to West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. The property is described as containing 4,019 acres including the Martia Edwards Tract and being all of Lot No. 2 on the Gillispie plat. The property is further described by reference to 3 deeds; Deed Book 362, page 287 (Faulconer Property), Deed Book 363, page 224 (Martia Edwards Trust) and Deed Book 363, page 378 (Martia Edwards Tract).


West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company changed its name to Westvaco Corporation.


Deed Book 2425, page 548 contains a Certification of the State Corporation Commission dated Signed on January 30, 2003 that Westvaco Corporation is merged into MeadWestvaco Corporation on December 31, 2002. This transaction had no effect on the development rights of the parcel.




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