About Fulfillment Farms

In 1997, The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia (WFV) acquired almost 2,000 acres in southern Albemarle County near Scottsville.  This tract, known as Fulfillment Farms, was a gift from Thomas Forrer, whose grandfather served on the board of the Virginia Game Commission from 1933 to 1958.  Mr. Forrer’s vision for this land was simple – to manage the property for wildlife habitat, while providing recreational opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts.  In keeping with Mr. Forrer’s wishes, Fulfillment Farms is managed for no-fee public access.  Anyone wishing to bird watch, hike, horseback ride, or hunt on Fulfillment Farms is welcome to enjoy this beautiful piece of land, which has the ability to support many people pursuing many different activities. 

Fulfillment Farms is located in Esmont, Virginia, approximately 6 miles west of the town of Scottsville.  The terrain varies from vast open fields, to steep wooded slopes, and is bisected by Ballinger Creek.  An approximate 200-acre area lies north of Route 6 in Esmont, and encompasses an old abandoned quarry, as well as a beaver pond complex. The majority of the property is in planted pines, managed for optimum wildlife habitat.  The open areas were once grazed and are currently in historic fescue.  The Foundation is in the process of converting the fescue stands on the Farm to perennial plantings which have significant wildlife cover and forage benefit.  With assistance from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, WFV is also exploring innovative techniques to establish cover for quail and other small game in select hardwood areas on the property.

WFV requests that all visitors to Fulfillment Farms obtain a free permit.  The Foundation issues three types of permits: an annual general use permit for those who wish to picnic, hike or bird watch on the property; a hunting permit, issued per hunting season; and an equine use permit, also issued annually.  WFV has employed a local manager to implement permitting and usage programs on the Farm, as well as to implement science-based wildlife habitat improvement projects.  The Foundation is pleased to welcome responsible outdoor enthusiasts to this property on a year-round basis, and is committed to making certain we can accommodate, safely, an increasing number of folks who want to enjoy this spectacular natural area.

WFV is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to sustain Virginia’s rich wildlife and sporting traditions by ensuring that the citizens of the Commonwealth have places to pursue outdoor recreation.  For more information about the Foundation, please visit our web site at www.vawildlife.org, or contact Jenny West, Executive Director, at 757-566-4000.

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