May 11, 2007


Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

Albemarle County Office Building

401 McIntire Road

Charlottesville VA 22902


Dear Board Members:


The Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) respectfully submits the document, Evaluation and Assessment of Priority Recommendations for your review. Recommendation #12 of the Priority Recommendations for Historic Preservation in Albemarle County (adopted by the BOS in September of 2000), requires the HPC to evaluate progress on the Priority Recommendations and evaluate the need for an historic overlay district ordinance. The submission of this document represents the first part of this evaluation process.


This document was drafted by a subcommittee whose task was to review each Priority Recommendation, evaluate and assess its progress, and report to the larger HPC. The draft document was discussed and revised by the larger HPC at its January and February meetings and passed unanimously at our March 26th, 2007 meeting.


As the document reflects, the HPC has found that significant progress has been and continues to be made in many of the Priority Recommendations passed by the BOS. The HPC regularly notifies new owners of historic properties, records selected significant properties prior to demolition, promotes and encourages preservation through making available information on tax incentives and easements, and promotes the County’s historic resources through education programs. In particular, the HPC is very proud of the public programs that have been researched, organized and sponsored by our Education Committee including the Country Stores program and exhibit, and the Rosenwald Schools panel discussion and exhibit. We anticipate the continuation of this success.


Priority Recommendation #2, the establishment of an Historic Resource Database, is an important recommendation that is yet incomplete. Although significant work has been carried out towards this goal, the Historic Resource Database stands at a crossroads. The HPC has requested $60,000 in the current budget for consultant services to design a comprehensive database and integrate it with the County City View software. In addition, the HPC felt that there were two items that would enhance our ability to carry out our mission: 1) the improvement and expansion of information about and from the HPC on the County’s website, and 2) an annual line item in the County budget that will allow the HPC to anticipate and count on a small budget.


Please take the time to read the document Evaluation and Assessment of Priority Recommendations. We look forward to hearing any comments that you might have.



The Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee


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