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Appropriation #2007078                                                                                                              $11,615.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue (Donations/Grants) $   11,615.00


At its meeting on April 12, 2007 the School Board approved the following appropriation requests:






At its meeting on April 26, 2007 the School Board approved the following appropriation requests:



Appropriation #2007079                                                                                                                 $8,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue (Grant)                $ 5,000.00

                                                            Federal Revenue (Grant) $ 3,000.00


The Albemarle County Police Department has received the following grants:



Appropriation #2007080                                                                                                            $359,586.50


            Revenue Source:                        Inter-fund Transfer                      $359,586.50


In September 2001, $360,000.00 in funds appropriated for Rivanna Greenway projects in the Capital Improvements Program were allocated to establish a boat launch at the Rivanna Reservoir.  At that time, a private land owner had indicated a willingness to have this launch constructed on his property.  Since that time, the property owner has decided not to go forward with the project and staff has requested the remaining available funds, $359,586.50, be transferred to the Byrom Park Forest Preserve project.  In addition to the $200,000.00 in funding scheduled in the FY08 Capital Improvements Budget, these funds will be used to acquire property for the park entrance and construction of a parking area.   


Should the property owner decide in the future to go forward with the Rivanna Reservoir boat launch project, funding will be requested in a future CIP budget process.

Appropriation #2007081                                                                                                              $ 62,690.10


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue (Proffers  )           $ 62,690.10


The Department of Parks & Recreation has requested the use of proffered funds for the following capital improvement projects:


The Division of Zoning and Current Development has approved the use of these funds for these capital improvement projects.


Appropriation #2007082                                                                                                              $ 10,775.00


            Revenue Source:                        Board Contingency                     $ 10,775.00


The Department of Voter Registration and Elections has requested the appropriation of $10,775.00 to fund expenses relating to the planned June 12th primary election for the Republican nomination for State Senate, 24th District, which will include the following Albemarle County voting precincts:  Crozet, Free Union, Brownsville, and Central Absentee.  The Board Contingency will be used to fund this appropriation.


Appropriation #2007083                                                                                                              $ 82,641.00


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Revenue                        $ 82,641.00      


In 2005, the Charlottesville/Albemarle Commission on Children & Families’ (CCF) Family Violence Work Group recommended creation of the Foothills Child Advocacy Center as a pilot project with Albemarle County as temporary fiscal agent.  A children’s advocacy center provides coordination of a multidisciplinary team to serve child victims of physical or sexual assault/abuse.  The team consists of police, social services, victim/witness, prosecutors, and service providers.  It provides s single forensic interview and case management services to reduce trauma for child victims and improve prosecution.  CCF submitted a request to the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services for $82,641.00 to fund the Project Directors Salary, rent and utilities, training, and furnishings and equipment for the facility.  A Board of Directors has been formed, which has applied for federal non-profit status.  When this is obtained, the program will migrate from the County to a free standing non-profit.  This is expected to happen before the end of the calendar year.  There is no local match.


Appropriation #2007084                                                                                                         $ 7,225,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                $7,225,000.00


By policy established by the Board of Supervisors, all revenue surplus and 60% of expenditure savings is to be transferred to the Capital Improvements Program.  The FY06 revenue surplus and 60% of expenditure savings total $9,225,000.00 ($8.349M in revenue surplus and $0.786M in expenditure savings).


During the FY08 budget process, the 2007 Real Estate Tax rate was reduced to $0.68/$100 of assessed value resulting in a $4.0M reduction in FY07 General Fund revenues.  To offset the impact of this reduction, $2.0M of the FY06 surplus and expenditure savings is being retained to fund the FY07 General Fund budget.   The remaining $2.0M impact will be funded by anticipated FY07 revenue surplus and expenditure savings. 



Appropriation #2007085                                                                                                                    $ 81.72


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue (Proffer)   $   81.72


On April 4, 2007, the Board appropriated funds in the Greenbrier Office Park proffer to be used toward the Minor Ridge/Wynridge drainage improvement project.  Since that time, additional interest in the amount of $81.72 has accumulated in the proffer fund account and requires a supplemental appropriation to transfer these funds for use towards the Minor Ridge/Wynridge drainage improvement project.


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