Strategic Initiative Summaries

FY 07/08


Police Officers                                                                                                                                               

Total Cost: $501,503                                                                                                                           Police

Net Cost: $481,503                                                                                                                Priority 1 of 6

The Albemarle County Police Department has always been one of the leading law enforcement agencies in Virginia with some of the best equipment and most progressive programs to be found in similar size and larger law enforcement agencies. 


The citizens of Albemarle County deserve a competent and timely response to their requests for police service.  Adequate staffing is an essential resource for the provision of police service by the police department.  The Police Department has used several accepted methods to assess police staffing needs for the Albemarle County Police Department.  Each method used clearly shows the need for additional staffing for the Police Department. 


Five additional officers are being requested for 12 months and five additional officers are being requested for 6 months making a total of 7.5 FTE’s to continue to move the police department towards its strategic plan staffing objective of 1.5 officers per 1000 population.  


NOTE: The County Executive recommended funding four Police Officer positions. This recommendation is reflected in the costs above. The total cost of the initial request was $886,630 with a net cost of $849,130.



Child Welfare                                                                                                                                                 

Total Cost: $125,660                                                                                                            Social Services

Net Cost: $94,245                                                                                                                  Priority 1 of 3

This request is for three positions in our child welfare (child protective services and foster care/adoption) service units that will enable ACDSS to fulfill its mission to serve children and youth who are the responsibility of the department. These are mandated services for those children who may have been abused or neglected, or placed in the custody of Albemarle Department of Social Services by the Juvenile Court. The need is for a full-time social work position in the Foster Care/Adoption unit; for a Child Welfare Supervisor position to increase current supervisory capacity in order to meet needs for effective management and supervision of high risk programs; and for an Office Associate III to support the child welfare units. Child welfare cases that receive national attention because of negative outcomes often reflect understaffing, overwhelming caseloads, and inadequate supervision.


NOTE: The County Executive recommended funding two positions (Child Welfare Supervisor and Office Associate III). This recommendation is reflected in the costs above. The total cost of the initial request was $191,032 with a net cost of $143,274.



Office Associate III                                                                                                                              Police

Net Cost: $17,722                                                                                                                  Priority 2 of 6

We are requesting the addition of one half-time Office Associate III position to provide secretarial support services to the Police Department and in particular to the Command Staff.  This half-time position will be combined with the current half-time position that the Department has to make one full-time position to support the Department. 


Currently, Department members are without this service resulting in time spent performing secretarial duties for which they are not trained.  Additional time is spent learning infrequently used skills.  The addition of this position would allow Department members to focus their time and energy toward the skilled activities for which they do receive additional training and providing law enforcement service and supervision.



Eligibility Program                                                                                                                                       

Total Cost: $113,430                                                                                                            Social Services

Net Cost: $56,715                                                                                                                  Priority 2 of 3


This request is for two Eligibility Workers, an Eligibility Supervisor and an OA III to address staffing shortages and essential program needs in all ACDSS eligibility programs. This critical understaffing, as measured by state staffing standards, is caused by expanding caseloads. Over the past six years the Food Stamp caseload in the agency has increased by 92%, Energy Assistance caseload by 40%, Medicaid recipients by 26%, Long Term Care by 23% and TANF by 15%. Without adequate staffing, the agency cannot consistently meet its federally mandated obligation and so risks sanctions. In addition, current staffing levels require a manager to ensure consistent supervision, training and evaluation of workers and an OA III to provide key office support resources. Filling this request will allow ACDSS to provide quality customer service, access to medical coverage, alleviate hunger and malnutrition and provide necessary energy assistance for many of the County’s vulnerable citizens.


NOTE: The County Executive recommended funding two positions (Eligibility Supervisor and Office Associate III). This recommendation is reflected in the costs above. The total cost of the initial request was $225,312 with a net cost of $112,656.



East Rivanna VFD                                                                                                                        Fire Rescue

Net Cost: $654,265                                                                                                                Priority 1 of 6

At the request of the East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department, career firefighters are requested to ensure that reliable, minimum service levels can be maintained during weekdays, when volunteer personnel are typically not available. The staffing level requested will provide an engine company (three person minimum staff) and tanker operator (one person minimum staff) Monday through Friday, 6 am – 6 pm.



Assistant County Attorney (1/2 year)                                                                           County Attorney

Net Cost: $66,191                                                                                                                  Priority 1 of 1

An additional attorney is needed to meet the growing legal demands of the County.  The last new attorney position was approved in 1997.  Since then, several County departments, most notably the Community Development Department (“CD”), have undertaken significant new initiatives and added new positions that have greatly increased the work load of this office.  The General Services Department and the Fire Department have been created and the Police Department has greatly expanded.  The legal services provided to the School Board and Human Services Department now dominate the time of one attorney, and the Department of Social Services dominates the time of another attorney.  Since 1997, this office has recodified the County Code, and now maintains and updates the Code in-house.  The County Attorney’s office now plays a significant role in acquiring property and project management for a growing urban infrastructure CIP.  In addition, the office handles all non-insurance litigation in-house, which is time intensive.



County Internet Bandwidth Increase                                                                 Information Technology

Net Cost: $33,000                                                                                                           Priority 1 of 1

This request is to upgrade the network bandwidth in support of the new Web-GIS, PODcasting, Land Records, CityView, billing, and external staff access from at least 5 additional Fire Rescue locations.  The Fire Rescue locations are currently using non county connected access to the Internet.  Connecting these sites to use the County's Internet connection will further degrade Internet performance.



Course Reimbursement                                                                                                   Human Resources

Net Cost: $65,000                                                                                                                  Priority 1 of 4

Increasing the course reimbursement amount for local government employees from $300 per fiscal year to $1,000 per fiscal year per employee would more fully support learning, which is one of the County’s four core values. The current amount has not changed since 1999, and does not cover even half the cost of taking a non-degree class at an institution such as the University of Virginia. Employees have expressed a strong interest in a higher reimbursement amount, a benefit where the County falls dramatically short when compared to many competing employers and other local jurisdictions.



Skill/Certification Pay                                                                                                     Human Resources

Net Cost: $75,000                                                                                                                  Priority 2 of 4

Skill based differentials reward specific, specialized skills that improve an employee’s ability to perform their job and provide increased value to the County.  Human Resources will work with Departments to develop skill differential plans that can be a management tool offering the ability to recognize and reward employees who take the initiative through their own efforts to increase their job worth and significantly enhance their value to the County by achieving a higher level of skill through attaining relevant job skills beyond the minimum qualifications of a position. The funding request amount was based on two levels of stipend amounts ($600 per year and $1200 per year) and assumptions extrapolated from other organizations that 25% of eligible employees will participate.



Engineering Inspectors                                                                                                     General Services

Net Cost: $77,894                                                                                                                  Priority 1 of 6

This initiative requests funding for two Engineering Inspectors to serve the Capital Projects Team. As the County continues to grow, so does its needs. The volume of County capital projects has grown significantly in recent years, both in number and complexity. The addition of an Engineering Inspector will allow General Services to provide efficient and effective service delivery to citizens.


NOTE: The County Executive recommended funding one of the Engineering Inspector positions. This recommendation is reflected in the costs above. The total cost of the initial request was $155,228.



Recreation Program Expansion                                                                                                                   

Total Cost: $108,813                                                                                                     Parks & Recreation

Net Cost: $55,613                                                                                                                  Priority 1 of 1

This request provides funding necessary to hire 1 new full time recreation programming position and the one time and recurring costs associated with this professional staff position.  Currently the Department has only one full time employee providing recreation programming and that employee is at the limit of what can be effectively supervised while the County population continues to grow.  The recent recreation needs assessment identified that while program participation has grown over 36% in a two year time frame, due to limited recreation programs and services, only 20% of County residents participate in Department programs which is well below the national benchmark average of 29%.  Funding of this request will allow for the expansion of programming, to a broader cross section of the population, including senior citizens, and will allow for programming targeted in the growth areas.  Finally the Department intends to place a strong emphasis with this new position on programming to combat obesity.



Project Manager                                                                                                                General Services

Net Cost: $73,336                                                                                                                  Priority 2 of 6

This initiative provides funding for a Project Manager with specialties in planning and cost estimation. This position will support the capital projects division by producing realistic budgets and schedules for capital projects in the initiation and justification stages. Further, this position will be responsible for guiding the project through the community development process.



Rural/Agricultural Support Position                                                                Community Development

Net Cost: $84,180                                                                                                                  Priority 3 of 5

Rural/Agricultural Support Position to plan, develop, and implement programs and services which promote and enhance agricultural business and economic activities.  This position will establish and implement public relations, marketing and communications plans, promote agricultural development, and develop and promote conservation and educational programs.


The position and the resulting programs are included in the Rural Areas section of the Comprehensive Plan, and were given the 4th priority for implementation in FY 06-07 by the Board of Supervisors.  The creation of this position is supported by the Farm Bureau and by local citizen interests.


This position is intended to focus on the proactive “carrot” measures that contribute to the protection and vitality of the County’s Rural Area, and is considered an important and essential component of a more balanced approach of using both regulatory and voluntary measures and incentives to protect the Rural Area.  


With this position, Albemarle would join at least eight other Virginia Counties that have agricultural support programs.



Master Plan Implementation                                                                             Community Development

Net Cost: $75,276                                                                                                                  Priority 2 of 5

The Senior Planner level position will provide lead support for the completion and implementation of future Master Plans. While baseline funding has been established to fund contract assistance for developing Master Plans, staff management of the Master Plan process, including Master Plan development and the extensive work with areas master planned after Master Plan adoption, is proving to be resource intensive. With the experience of the Crozet Master Plan, there is a need to be more proactive with master planned communities in the implementation of the plans.



Performance Analyst                                                                                                       County Executive

Net Cost: $119,259                                                                                                                Priority 1 of 1

The County does not currently have a consistent, cohesive performance management system. In the past, performance measurement initiatives have been difficult to sustain because departments have not been provided with the resources necessary to consistently monitor and analyze the data that is essential to understanding and improving operations. The Performance Management Team recommends funding a position to manage the County’s performance management efforts. This will benefit the County by strengthening its accountability, supporting customer/public support goals, assisting Board and other department leaders with informed decision-making, and identifying areas for improved performance.



Summary of Agencies on Board Adjustments Worksheet



Zona Latina

Net Cost: $3,000                                                                     Parks, Recreation & Cultural Contribution

Zona Latina is Central Virginia’s 1st bilingual educational TV program, airing on WVAW-16, Dish Network, and Comcast Cable. All episodes are captioned in both English and Spanish. The mission of Zona Latina is to provide public service information, bridge language and cultural barriers between our English and Spanish speaking communities, expand access to information and services to Hispanics with limited English proficiency and dispel cultural stereotypes of our community’s growing Latino population.



African American Festival (Chihamba)

Net Cost: $3,000                                                                     Parks, Recreation & Cultural Contribution

Chihamba is a non-profit community organization dedicated to providing a better understanding of African Cultures through music and dance. For the past 16 years Chihamba has proudly hosted the Annual African American Cultural Arts Festival at Washington Park. The Festival is a 3-4 day event involving some form of entertainment, education, or presentation.




Charlottesville Community Design Center (CCDC)

Net Cost: $30,000                                                                        Community Development Contribution

 CCDC provides a range of architectural design services to local community organizations, neighborhood groups, non-profits, and social services organizations. These services are focused on assisting clients achieve a design with the highest equitable, sustainable, and aesthetic benefits for their organization and the surrounding community.


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