SP 2007-09 Little Keswick School Amendment




Planning Commission added conditions for screening landscaping




Cilimberg, McDowell







May 2, 2007


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The Planning Commission held a public hearing for this project on April 17, 2007.  In response to a concern from a neighbor (TMP 80-114A) adjacent to the proposed new dorm regarding noise and visual impacts that may result from the dorm’s presence, the Planning Commission directed staff to draft a condition(s) of approval to address landscape materials for screening the portions of school property from the neighbor. 



On April 20, staff met with the applicant and Mr. and Mrs. Rintel to discuss the type and extent of the screening.  An agreement between both parties was submitted on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 (Attachment A).  Two conditions of approval (number 5 and 6 below) include the substance of this agreement.   However, the agreement describes an area to receive screening (Area 2 on the agreement) that will be planted on the adjacent neighbor’s property, due to the lack of available space between the existing gym building and the fence. This screening will reduce visibility of the gym to the neighbor’s house and guesthouse/office. Since the County typicall does not impose special use conditions on adjacent properties, the terms of this portion of the agreement were not included in these additional conditions.


Staff believes conditions 5. and 6. below, in addition to staff’s four original conditions contained in its staff report, address the Planning Commission’s direction and, therefore, recommend approval with the following conditions:


1.       Special Use Permit 2006-13 2007-09 shall be limited to the construction use of a maximum two-story 45' by 95' residential facility the "New Dorm" for students enrolled in the Little Keswick School and for the conversion of the existing "Barn Dorm" to non-residential uses, such as office, recreational, storage, meeting area, or other similar uses.  The "New Dorm" shall be located and developed in general accord with the concept plan, titled, "Little Keswick School, Concept Plan"  (Attachment A.) and dated June 22, 2006 February 16, 2007 (last revision date) (the “Concept Plan”).  However, the Zoning Administrator may approve revisions to the c Concept p Plan to allow compliance with the Zoning Ordinance. 

2.       Maximum enrollment of students shall be limited to thirty-five (35). Any increase in enrollment shall require an amendment to this special use permit and may require entrance improvements subject to Virginia Department of Transportation requirements. 

3.       The existing dorm, labeled "Barn Dorm" on the concept plan (Attachment A) shall be subject to review by the Building Official prior to conversion of the existing use to any other use.

4.       Construction shall commence within five (5) years of the date of approval of the special use permit SP-2006-013  SP 2007-09.

5.        Along the shared property line of Tax Map 80-118 and TMP 80-114A (the adjacent neighbor), between the soccer field and the fence, a planting material screen of approximately 124 feet in length and 17 feet in width shall be established and maintained on TMP 80-118.  The planting materials shall consist of a minimum of 17 Leyland Cypress, each a minimum of 8 feet in height, and shall be planted approximately 6 feet on center.

6.       Along the shared property line of Tax Map 80-110, TMP 80-110A and TMP 80-114A (the adjacent neighbor), a plant material screen of approximately 340 feet in length and 40 feet in width between the existing gym building and TMP 80-110A shall be established and maintained on TMP 80-110 and a portion of TMP 80-110A.  Starting at the gym and proceeding toward TMP 80-110A, the first 260 feet in length shall be planted with a minimum of 45 Juniperus Virginiana, each a minimum of 8 feet in height, and shall be planted approximately 6 feet on center.  The remaining 80 feet in length shall be planted with a minimum of 13 Leyland Cypress, each a minimum of 6 feet in height, and shall be planted approximately 6 feet on center. 




Attachment A -  Screening Conditions Agreement SP-2007-009, dated April 23, 2007


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