To:             Members, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

From:        Harrison Rue, Executive Director

Date:         March 29, 2007

Re:            Multimodal Corridor Grant Application for Greene County


Purpose: The purpose of this memo is to provide background information and a Resolution of Support in support of the “Multimodal Corridor Plan for the US 29 and US 33 Development Areas in Greene County” application by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission to the Virginia Department of Transportation Multimodal Office, under the Local and Regional Corridor Planning Grant Program. TJPDC is requesting $150,000, with a 10% in-kind match to be provided by Greene County staff.


Background: Greene County faces significant development pressures from housing, retail and service growth. This study will analyze future growth patterns, help Greene County update their Comprehensive Plan, and develop multimodal transportation solutions for the US 29 and 33 corridors to accommodate that growth. It will include strategies for improvements to 29 and 33, a better-connected network of local roads to protect through-capacity, pedestrian and bicycle improvements in the developing areas, improved business access, and coordination between Greene County Transit and regional transit service.


Deliverables include a multimodal plan and action agenda to ease congestion, improve access management, increase multimodal travel options and tie land use and transportation investments together.  Implementation will be through the Greene County Comprehensive Plan, VDOT project programming, and coordination of developer and business investments.



Action Needed: Adoption of the Resolution of Support

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