BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia:


1)       That the budget for the County for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2007 is made up of the County Executive’s Recommended Budget document and the amendments made by the Board of Supervisors as detailed in Attachment B of this Executive Summary.

2)       That the budget for the County for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2007 is summarized as follows:


                                                                                                     FY 07/08 Budget

                                    Administration                                                    $10,445,060

                                    Judicial                                                                 3,758,015

                                    Public Safety                                                       28,709,165

                                    General Services                                                   4,478,553

                                    Human Development                                            23,527,545

                                    Parks, Recreation, and Culture                               6,280,928

                                    Community Development                                      10,415,232

                                    General Government Initiatives                                2,321,270

                                    Refunds                                                                   146,590

                                    City/County Revenue Sharing                                13,212,401

                                    General Government Capital Projects                     13,846,355

                                    Storm Water Improvements                                       725,000

                                    General Government Debt Service                           2,253,761

                                    Education – Capital Projects                                 16,598,000

                                    Education – Debt Service                                      12,467,283

                                    Education – School Operations                           145,148,708

                                    Education – Self-Sustaining Funds                        14,954,196

                                    Contingency Reserves                                              649,132

                                    TOTAL                                                            $309,937,194




3)       That the budget for the County for the Fiscal Year  beginning July 1, 2007 as described in 1) and 2) above be approved.



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