Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority Grant Application for a new ladder truck



Resolution authorizing the County to submit an application for the Virginia Military Strategic Response Fund and to enter into an agreement with the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority.



Tucker, Foley, Davis, Eggleston, Stimart






April 4, 2007


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The Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (VNDIA) is now accepting applications for the Virginia Military Response Fund grant program created to support the national base realignment and closures (BRAC) projects. BRAC 2005 resulted in over 140 separate actions taken in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The 2006 Session of the General Assembly has provided funding for this grant program to address issues associated with the BRAC 2005 recommendations. Governor Tim Kaine, who had served on the Virginia Commission on Military Bases, fully supports the state’s role in responding to the BRAC 2005 decisions as well as the VNDIA funding proposal during the 2006 budget deliberations. The VNDIA grant program is an important part of Virginia’s response. The objective of VNDIA is to “assist impacted Virginia localities in funding needs associated with the implementation of and response to the recommendations of the 2005 BRAC which were subsequently agreed to by the President and the United States Congress.” - Virginia Budget Bill, 2006




Goal Three:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.




This new grant program was developed to address impacts resulting from the 2005 BRAC decisions. It has very specific criteria regarding availability of matching funding; type of project; and completion time frame.


For this immediate funding round, the acquisition of a ladder truck for the Hollymead Fire Rescue station most clearly met the program criteria. The eventual construction of NGIC’s 219,000-square-foot facility combined with the existing commercial, industrial, and instructional structures in the Hollymead development area creates an increased fire risk.  The Insurance Service Office (ISO) standard for ladder company response areas is that “the built-upon area of the locality should have a first-due ..... ladder-service company within 2.5 miles.” The closest ladder truck to the NGIC facility is more than 7 miles away. Funding for the Hollymead ladder truck and equipment is included in the FY07/08 CIP.


In conjunction with the ladder truck application, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission will also submit a complementary, regional application for funding expansion of the TJPDC Park and Ride program, which requires no Albemarle County match. The Park and Ride program is in development, and ranges from employer-van purchases to park and ride lot development, and potentially other approaches to improve the Park and Ride program.


For next year’s VNDIA grant cycle, staff is evaluating the potential for other possible VNDIA projects to address other expected impacts from the expansion of the Rivanna Station (NGIC).




This VNDIA program requires a minimum 50% match of the total project cost of $1.1 million; the matching $600,000 is allocated in the CIP.



Staff recommends that the Board adopt the attached Resolution authorizing the County to 1) submit to the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (Authority) a Virginia Military Strategic Response Fund Application; 2) to enter into a Virginia Military Strategic Response Fund Agreement with the Authority; and 3) to authorize the County Executive to execute the Application and the Agreement upon approval of the County Attorney.




Attachment A – Board Resolution

Attachment B – Military Strategic Response Fund Agreement
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